Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More things...

I hate mice on the loose. I think they are so cute, especially when they are small and are sitting around chewing on something, but they like to chew and squeek at you in the middle of the night. I have one ccocky mouse (I hate cocky mice) who has effectivly evaded all the traps so far. I woke up the other night to find him SITTING on the ultrasound mouse shooer thing a ma gig....ummm yeah. So the proceeding was me chasing the poor thing all around with one of the old small fish tanks trying not to squish the stupid thing... Also it has set off three of the stick traps and ate all the peanut butter. I think this one is a NIMH mouse. Either than that it's luckier than it's other dead counterparts.

Why am I writing about mice that has done their yearly invasion of my home? Because unlike every year, I got this god damned cocky mouse. And two cats that have no interest in killing it. Even though one is making my mom pissed off at it due to the fact that it kills all the birds that come to the feeders, save for the hummingbirds.

Also I'm running on about three hours of sleep a night and I'm burnt. I'm going to get that damned mouse or die trying! LOL

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Avaelyn said...

Oh dear, stupid mice! You ran around trying to squish it with a fish tank? Dude, I would have paid to see that.