Friday, March 24, 2006


I hate mornings.
Yesterday was not nice. I woke up at 5 am and couldn't fall back asleep. Then ROAD TRIP! WOOT! Drove to Sangoto, mayerthrope, and then over to morinville. And all the hick towns in between. That took a full afternoon. There are plans for more places on the massive road trip but we don't want to go too far from home yet. Asking why are we going to some of these backroad places? To get county maps of course! Sooner or later we hope to get all of them and make one huge map of Alberta! It will take a huge area but it will be interesting to see all the countys and townships and cities put together on one map that we could point out where everyone lives! But in the local maps will be the most useful and the ones that we might mark where we have been and what was done there. But I might be getting too far ahead of myself.

Anime music is what I have been listening to for the last while.

This thing is gay. One has to change the html code to face it into doing something cause it applys everything to everything...GRRRrrr....
Anybody knows when the GST is sapposed to drop?
I can't believe the mentality of some people. Here in the store we have some sketch pads for sale. One of the girls I work with she showed where somebody took a pencil and scribbled on many pages. The other was an older gentleman who took up a Sharpie and began to write on the shelves. There was a sign asking nicly not to do such a thing and he even acnologed that he indeed saw it but he wanted to know how they wrote on metal. Now we can't get that bloody stuff off! Another person today came in and demanded that I take in three coupons. Stated straight on the coupon one per day. Management said that we could be lax and let two in a day per person but three common. Then she stood there and complained at me that we owed her money. Yeah right! Probably lost her reciept and demanded retribution. My manager is so soft hearted and wanting to keep some customers probably gave her free refill cards since the ones we did didn't work for her. Jeez if it doesn't work for you why keep trying? Or at least keep your reciept so you can get your money back! A LOT of places here wouldn't deal with you unless you have a reciept. Why should we? Sometimes I wonder how some people get through life and not get shot. Or poisioned. DANGER MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS OR DEATH. Let's drink it. Grrr.
Woot Dancing all alone kimono mix!
One of the women that I work with lost her little dog the other day. I will miss that little squeeker. Doobie (the dog) was a little brown pomeranian who used to come in with her husband and run all around the store til it tuckered itself out then come over to the front on the black carpet and wiggle and squeek. Really a shame cause it wasn't an old dog.
Stupid radio station wouldn't play any really interesting songs in a row and I can't get my request in. Blarg. And there is so many things to do and I don't want to do them. Oh well blah.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bored at work...


A few things have been happening over the last few days. Got my test results in and it's now official I am so smart. 84% Woot! Not that I'm bragging but woot.
I now found that I am now almost completly broke. I have enough for school loan this month but past that there is nothing left *CRY* and now I want some pokeys. mmm pokey. The only saver is that payday is next friday. Maybe I can con Ben outta some money. (Hides devil horns thinking about money) Wasn;t winter sapposed to happen in like October or something like that not March? March there is sunlight showing us what is out there waiting for us to get outta work. That sucks. In December it was dark out and one cannot see the snow. What a piece of crap. Last Saturday it snowed and snowed and blizzard for quite a long while and we sat in the store going oh gosh look at it come down.

After that I had to go over to Bennett's place. That was a trip and a half. Going 60km up some of the snow covered hills was something I could've been without. But, thankfully, I made it there just to get stuck in the driveway... x.X I was backing out fine but I kept hitting a soft spot...I was just trying to get around it in a driveway that is just a little bit wider than my car and having problems manovering through the skinny path. Well Ben and his Mom came out and soon she was in the drivers seat and (ALMOST) climbing the hill. To end it shortly she didn't make it either...She got about a foot further than I did though. But when she tried to back out she went straight...Into the ditch! There was about 4 inches before the car would've been over the cliff and that wouldn't be fun nor cheap to get it out. So we had to wait for the neighbour to get home to help snowblow the stupid drive out.
To make this scene better that Ben's dad sold his skidsteer only a few days before. I still have in mind to kill/kick/maim with a fork or papercuts him when he gets back. May the drive be safe by the time he comes back.
To make an end of the story simple and sweet. After an hour of pushing, cursing, and having rocks hit me in the shin, the third try up was lucky and good. Once more I say again I hate winter. But listening to the BEAR radio station to yukons rant was a good one on this subject. He mentioned how he only was out this weekend for an hour but helped 5 people out of the snow and, like myself, now whimpering over sore backs and arms. Good for him but one was far enough for me. After all that Bennett's car was absolutly frozen to it's spot. Bring out the shovels! :3

Another thing is that as of today the work orders equal 170 for the month. Almost 10 a day. Unfortunatly this sprint will not last or I would be asking for a raise. It's sad that kids at McDonalds is working for more than I am but hey I have some loyalty here and I don't want to leave my boss on the learch (also the discounts almost make up for the crappy wage). On the good side it does seem busier lately and that is good. Not enough to put me on full time but who knows what happens in the future. I think I'm thinking too positive.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Back scratches and drawings

Hi guys.
I know I know it's only been what a few hours since my last blog but this is on a totally different subject.
This is something that is very important to me and probably to those who know me very well. I'm giving up on the drawing aspect of my life. I finally went what the hell am I doing? I'm not going to go anywhere with this and why the hell am I making a paper and pencil trail behind me that is 17 hundred miles behind me. And what is the point? With my skills slipping there is no point in me working for hours and have something that doesn't have people step back and go, "yeah that is something I would like to own." Or "That is really good." I should've known long time ago that I am truely a sub-par artist and really I should stop trying cause something isn't worth doing unless you can do it well. Also who in this world has the money or the time do anything like that anymore. I have no inspiration and frankly I can just not give a damn. I wanted to get back into fine art but the re is no talent left. I should've known way back when I posted my stuff on Fanart Central and no one really posted anything positive or anything I should've known, but instead entertained a farce. That I could really do something with this, just get a little bit better. But there is no way. There is no little bit better, I will never get the bit better that I need to be.

So in the long round a bout way there is something about backscratches. I got one sitting here before I started this blog. I tried and tried as I might to scratch it and No matter what it evaded my nails. Even on the back of the chair I tried with no avail. Finally in frustration I went screw it I'll ignore it and sure enough it went away, I'm hoping it is the same with urge to doodle and draw.

Bennett is really supportive and such but the reality of life is starting to drag me down. I don't know why he even puts up with me, but it's so much that he put a nice promise ring on my finger, and for that I wish I could crawl under some rock and never show my face to the world.
Now I'm going to sniff down my AFI cd cause pandora sucks with dial up. Hopefully this new CD player will work, not like the other one I got that didn't even work, even just out of the package. Stupid stuff.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sometimes TV makes sence

Occasionally one can find that television is a moronic, brain-sucking, waste of time. This is increased by the bigger amount of channels and the increase of nerotic, well, wastes of time. The newest waste of time and energy that has come accross my board is one named the fight channel. Now I can be called a hypocrit but yes I enjoy a brawl or two in the middle of a movie or something like that but something that shows fights all day long is a little too much. Yes I could turn the channel and probably would but like some women out there it is a wrestling match to get the controller from her man and being injury prone I get the lesser end of the stick.

But back to the main idea of this blog is that I was able to trick him out of the room and was able to look for some cartoons but while waiting for a show turnover I came upon this show (tailend and so I have no idea what it was and the guide was wrong), and the people were having a mental dispute, and was gathered into a classroom and no one wanted to sort it out, so one of the girls left. One of the guys went and got her and brought her back and made her read the following:

"Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself."
Very perfound for a kids show...But they tried doing that with Fraggle Rock (A show that I hated when I was young and still strongly dislike soory peeps). But after a while and after a bit of pondering I thought how many of us just disregard people, not only our friends but people that we meet everyday.

People are fragile and such. In each of our friends we give a bit of ourselves and they take it away, sometimes to be disregarded the rest stashed away like fine wine, taken out and enjoyed once in a while. Okay I think I' getting too mushy for my own good. I'm taking out the foam bad and give my woosie ass a good beating by the fight side of myself. LOL

Friday, March 10, 2006

To start off with...

Good day/evening/noon/whatever
So this is where one can place a thought....hmmm such an empty place and to be...
A nice, safe box, where the thoughts of others could be placed upon to mess the rest of the world up...
Could be distructive.
Could be inventive.
Could be interperitive.
Will be a place where one could find that I am a horrible speller.
At least there is spellchecker.
If I want to use it...
But that would require effort

Anyways I thought it be time that I have this screwed up world take a look inside my head and if they so felt like it to go out there and express what they think. No garantees that I shall take the advice but it's nice to know that there are people that go around reading the thoughts of others who place the effort to read what others have to write. That is nice.

I always like comments they make me feel important.