Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bored at work...


A few things have been happening over the last few days. Got my test results in and it's now official I am so smart. 84% Woot! Not that I'm bragging but woot.
I now found that I am now almost completly broke. I have enough for school loan this month but past that there is nothing left *CRY* and now I want some pokeys. mmm pokey. The only saver is that payday is next friday. Maybe I can con Ben outta some money. (Hides devil horns thinking about money) Wasn;t winter sapposed to happen in like October or something like that not March? March there is sunlight showing us what is out there waiting for us to get outta work. That sucks. In December it was dark out and one cannot see the snow. What a piece of crap. Last Saturday it snowed and snowed and blizzard for quite a long while and we sat in the store going oh gosh look at it come down.

After that I had to go over to Bennett's place. That was a trip and a half. Going 60km up some of the snow covered hills was something I could've been without. But, thankfully, I made it there just to get stuck in the driveway... x.X I was backing out fine but I kept hitting a soft spot...I was just trying to get around it in a driveway that is just a little bit wider than my car and having problems manovering through the skinny path. Well Ben and his Mom came out and soon she was in the drivers seat and (ALMOST) climbing the hill. To end it shortly she didn't make it either...She got about a foot further than I did though. But when she tried to back out she went straight...Into the ditch! There was about 4 inches before the car would've been over the cliff and that wouldn't be fun nor cheap to get it out. So we had to wait for the neighbour to get home to help snowblow the stupid drive out.
To make this scene better that Ben's dad sold his skidsteer only a few days before. I still have in mind to kill/kick/maim with a fork or papercuts him when he gets back. May the drive be safe by the time he comes back.
To make an end of the story simple and sweet. After an hour of pushing, cursing, and having rocks hit me in the shin, the third try up was lucky and good. Once more I say again I hate winter. But listening to the BEAR radio station to yukons rant was a good one on this subject. He mentioned how he only was out this weekend for an hour but helped 5 people out of the snow and, like myself, now whimpering over sore backs and arms. Good for him but one was far enough for me. After all that Bennett's car was absolutly frozen to it's spot. Bring out the shovels! :3

Another thing is that as of today the work orders equal 170 for the month. Almost 10 a day. Unfortunatly this sprint will not last or I would be asking for a raise. It's sad that kids at McDonalds is working for more than I am but hey I have some loyalty here and I don't want to leave my boss on the learch (also the discounts almost make up for the crappy wage). On the good side it does seem busier lately and that is good. Not enough to put me on full time but who knows what happens in the future. I think I'm thinking too positive.

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Avaelyn said...

What test was that for?? Sweet, good job!!

Yeah, not having money pretty much sucks... I know what that's like... Kyle and I are trying to curb our bad spending habits, so that our money doesn't always disappear... We're doing pretty good, because we bought a car at the auction and got 3 months insurance (under $800!! I freakin' love that auction!!) and bought a brand new battery, and we still have nearly $650!! But I've gotta pay my cell phone bill soon... Hmm... yeah...

Boy, I certainly do NOT miss the snow... WHATSOEVER!!! Dude, that really sucks you got your car stuck... Yes, rocks in the shins are freakin sweet!! I throw rocks at my legs all the time, just because it feels GREAT!!