Friday, March 24, 2006


I hate mornings.
Yesterday was not nice. I woke up at 5 am and couldn't fall back asleep. Then ROAD TRIP! WOOT! Drove to Sangoto, mayerthrope, and then over to morinville. And all the hick towns in between. That took a full afternoon. There are plans for more places on the massive road trip but we don't want to go too far from home yet. Asking why are we going to some of these backroad places? To get county maps of course! Sooner or later we hope to get all of them and make one huge map of Alberta! It will take a huge area but it will be interesting to see all the countys and townships and cities put together on one map that we could point out where everyone lives! But in the local maps will be the most useful and the ones that we might mark where we have been and what was done there. But I might be getting too far ahead of myself.

Anime music is what I have been listening to for the last while.

This thing is gay. One has to change the html code to face it into doing something cause it applys everything to everything...GRRRrrr....
Anybody knows when the GST is sapposed to drop?
I can't believe the mentality of some people. Here in the store we have some sketch pads for sale. One of the girls I work with she showed where somebody took a pencil and scribbled on many pages. The other was an older gentleman who took up a Sharpie and began to write on the shelves. There was a sign asking nicly not to do such a thing and he even acnologed that he indeed saw it but he wanted to know how they wrote on metal. Now we can't get that bloody stuff off! Another person today came in and demanded that I take in three coupons. Stated straight on the coupon one per day. Management said that we could be lax and let two in a day per person but three common. Then she stood there and complained at me that we owed her money. Yeah right! Probably lost her reciept and demanded retribution. My manager is so soft hearted and wanting to keep some customers probably gave her free refill cards since the ones we did didn't work for her. Jeez if it doesn't work for you why keep trying? Or at least keep your reciept so you can get your money back! A LOT of places here wouldn't deal with you unless you have a reciept. Why should we? Sometimes I wonder how some people get through life and not get shot. Or poisioned. DANGER MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS OR DEATH. Let's drink it. Grrr.
Woot Dancing all alone kimono mix!
One of the women that I work with lost her little dog the other day. I will miss that little squeeker. Doobie (the dog) was a little brown pomeranian who used to come in with her husband and run all around the store til it tuckered itself out then come over to the front on the black carpet and wiggle and squeek. Really a shame cause it wasn't an old dog.
Stupid radio station wouldn't play any really interesting songs in a row and I can't get my request in. Blarg. And there is so many things to do and I don't want to do them. Oh well blah.


Avaelyn said...

Wow, that was really random... Kinda like my post... And I'm too braindead to leave an actual comment... maybe later... we'll see...

Kelly said...

Mayerthrope eh? That's a fun drive. Do little places like that actually have county maps? Now, are you planing to make a map that folds out or up? I prefer the maps that fold upwards, it reminds me of ye ol' times when buddy would come out with a scroll. Now, it's just a thought but small town folk might like that nod to the past.

Kami Akai said...

Nah maybe put as many of the maps together as we can on one wall and the rest on other walls. We are starting to realize that not all county maps are at the same scale, so I might have to employ the serves of the color photocopier at work, then cut and paste the maps together. Sucky job, but in the long run sounds like fun. Hopefully the county map doesn't change too much over the next few years so the road trips are minimal.