Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sometimes TV makes sence

Occasionally one can find that television is a moronic, brain-sucking, waste of time. This is increased by the bigger amount of channels and the increase of nerotic, well, wastes of time. The newest waste of time and energy that has come accross my board is one named the fight channel. Now I can be called a hypocrit but yes I enjoy a brawl or two in the middle of a movie or something like that but something that shows fights all day long is a little too much. Yes I could turn the channel and probably would but like some women out there it is a wrestling match to get the controller from her man and being injury prone I get the lesser end of the stick.

But back to the main idea of this blog is that I was able to trick him out of the room and was able to look for some cartoons but while waiting for a show turnover I came upon this show (tailend and so I have no idea what it was and the guide was wrong), and the people were having a mental dispute, and was gathered into a classroom and no one wanted to sort it out, so one of the girls left. One of the guys went and got her and brought her back and made her read the following:

"Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself."
Very perfound for a kids show...But they tried doing that with Fraggle Rock (A show that I hated when I was young and still strongly dislike soory peeps). But after a while and after a bit of pondering I thought how many of us just disregard people, not only our friends but people that we meet everyday.

People are fragile and such. In each of our friends we give a bit of ourselves and they take it away, sometimes to be disregarded the rest stashed away like fine wine, taken out and enjoyed once in a while. Okay I think I' getting too mushy for my own good. I'm taking out the foam bad and give my woosie ass a good beating by the fight side of myself. LOL

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Avaelyn said...

Yeah... I'm not the biggest fan of TV, either... I don't mind watching it every once in a while, but when it's like my parents house, where somewhere in the house there is a TV on 24/7, eventually it just starts to piss me off... I can't wait to get out of my parent's house, which I am living at right now, and get away from that stupid TV...

And Fraggle Rock is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!