Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just another thing this week...

Hi out there in Internet Land!

Okay you all know about Calgary...
Monday was our last day there so we entered into Mr. And Mrs. Otafest 2006 contest. I got five or six votes woot!... It's pretty good for how bad I was feeling. I got a mirgrane the first thing in the morning. It was bad enough I almost fell over gods I hate those things.
On the drive home I slept from Calgary to Red Deer, then from Red Deer to Leduc.
Why not, when you feel like crap, your boyfriend saying to sleep, and you have nothing else to do?
Got home and immediatly broke into my BoA Cd...(Or at least I thought to be a CD) and tried it into my computer. Nothing. Deleted my cd drive and reboot. Nothing. Throw it into the Boombox. Nothing. Went hey! Let's try the laptop. Boom. The damned thing is a DVD and now I can't listen to her while crusing down the road in the car. DRAT!

Another disappointment was my Knights of Ramune DVD. I picked it up cause it's from the makers of Slayers! Well it is rated 16+ but the slayers that was rated that the most sex in it was a frog fell from som quite huge boobs and they bounce when the girl runs *duh* They do bounce when we run.
It was mild porn.

Look at the cover. It shows nothing that is inside this very weird very wrong show.

I couldn't believe it. Here I was watching it with Kim and a naked woman waltzes out on screen. WTF!!! And starts moaning and crying out. WTF!!!! And then it goes to a scene of outer space fighter action. WTF? After that it's panty action with a girl shooting over the desert in a hovercraft. I had enough. Put in Slayers.

With that show all I had to worry about is bouncing boobs, boob talk (usually how big Naga's are and how Lina's is) and explosions.
For those who do not know Slayers here is another picture. The red haired one is Lina and the dark haired one is Naga. If it wasn't for this show I would not have gone in for all the shows I do now. Thanks in some ways, in others I wish I never picked up this expensive habit.

I don't do drugs, I do anime. Probably the more expensive of the two.

Of course with the series of slayers there are many more characters than those two and the people that they meet. However if I did see Naga first I donno. I might've given it up first off. Her laugh is the most annoying, comical thing ever. I can do it but it is kinda embarrassing. Told you all I would put a picture of them up on here. Now imagine me dressed as Naga...No. That would be wrong. I would burn someone's eyes out.

Stress releaser of the day. A couple of guys walked into the store and one was wearing hot pink the other bright yellow. Where do some people shop? Walmart.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good Evening from Calgary

Good Evening
This is the second night in Calgary and Imust admit that I'm physically exhausted. It's hard enough to crawl my ass downstairs to the exclusive computer room here in the hotel to write this. That and I feel gross and rather jump into a nice hot bath, but I did promise that if I could I would make a post while I am down here, reading that everyone else's blogs that I follow. Silly hosers not updating as fast as I do, except Blair. Keep up the good work!
Anyways today was a long one. We arrived in Calgary about 6 p.m. yestorday evening and after getting into the hotel we went out for a walk to find a bank, liquor store and a pizza place. Funny how easy it is to find shit when you are up in the hotel room (21 floor) but when you are down on the ground floor you can't find dittly!
But as soon as you give up and go get the car, BOOM everything is freaking around the corner of where you were...I sometimes hate travellling.
Anyways went to Otafest 8! Got a couple of CDs and 1 DVD but I didn't want to fight the crowds. I barely got to see any of the merchandise there and we had to watch our time to get to the cosplay forum. And YES we went into cosplay. I thought we did OK on our characters, and I have no idea how anyone did in the cosplay cause the results weren't out yet and Ben wanted to watch the hockey game. Since he has the car and I don't I have to follow what he wants.
I got to slap him...I love cosplay.

Almost as much as getting paid on a holiday while being DOWN IN CALGARY!

Talk to you all on Tuesday or more....

For a lark

Friday, May 19, 2006

Almost on the way and disaster strikes!

Gotta love trips. Gotta love a vacation. Gotta love set-backs.

Okay here's the story:
Let's see, got up at tenish cause some insurance company wants the safty for the Catalliac, so I thought it best to start the day.
I decided the night before to send my car in and get whatever was wrong with the brakes fixed (AGAIN). So into town. Got the report from CT saying that it was the main power booster. Okay fix it. The quote was about $260. Okay that was about my limit for this thing anymore. I need the repairs to settle down.
So off I went to the real estate office. I'm still not on rotation, jeez I'll never get any money out of anyone else unless I get a day soon, but the owner was too busy to show me the ropes so maybe next week. But one good thing about coming in was that I got the passwords and everything to get into the computers, photocopiers and my email. However I can't spell the password to get into the email, so when I need to get into it I will have to find a dictionary til I can change the password. Otherwise the other passwords are dumb too. I had to choose a password to get into the photocopier and they gave me a different one anyways so why make me think of one in the freaking first place. Little things bug me.
Get off to the bank to deposit over $300 worth of change, then go to CT and see mom and how well they are working on the car. Got orders for McDonalds stuff, but I needed to stop at one place first to check out prices on pens.
Go to sign cellar and wow. Got the prices on a whole bunches of stuff, got a job offer and interview if I want it. Why the hell did they not want me a year ago and now they are begging me for me to do work for them? I think the other owner is an asshole.
And so I was late cause I'm too polite to say SHUT UP I GOTTA GO!!!! So I got the drinks for two people and paid for my car. Then back to Stony...Crap I did a bunch of driving.
In stony more fuel, paid for my insurance and then went to Marcel's Handie Printing. Well that was good news and bad news. Good news. The graphic designer there had another baby boy. Good for her. Bad news. Anne heard that I was working and that I wasn't available for her purposes. Crap.
So off to home. There I was about to book the hotel when Ben called. His car is broken T.T Good thing I went and got my car fixed that day but there was still a bunch of stuff to do to it. Including taking a shovel and cleaning out the crap in it. Mom and I should almost live in that car. Next was to rotate the tires, boy let's find more things wrong with my car. I was pissed last night with last minute changes and now driving a car that could possibly give me grief in downtown Calgary...
One more thing that I consider is Ben's fault, Bennett goes squish.

Oh and another note, I haven't linked them together but I have another blog with my stories on it. If you go to my profile you can find it there. I'll link them when I have more time. Wow, yestorday was busy. I hate being so busy.

Goodnight from Spruce Grove.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Ahhh never realized how much one person can bug another til one goes and tries to live with them. Eric left for Ontario the other day and I can't tell you how well I've slept over the last few nights. Today even though I'm tired I have a reason. I was an idiot and stayed up late working on the strap of my sango costume, for the boomerang. Hopefully our props wouldn't have issues with the safety police of the convention. *Sigh* Stupid safety police.

*Costume I would like my friend to finish one day, cause it would be awesome and he has the drawing and spects for it - Mike - Cloud from FF7. He has the sword spected and ready to be (metal) fabricated. He says that it would be awesome but he can only pose, maybe twice.*

I finally got my business cards from Reality Executives...Man I'm pissed about that. I missed out on a big party where those would've been my candy favors to some pretty rich people, cause they were late from the printers. Where I was if business cards took a week, they were either complicated or the office was so overworked that it was just down on the list. However this was sapposed to be set up essentially on someone's computer ready to insert name and print off. Something like that at Marcels would've been done (Time list permitting) in less than three minutes, then add on machine printing it (About 3 sheets per minute, 10 BC/sheet) then it would be cut in about 5 minutes. Jobs don't take three weeks to do. And after that about 1/3 of a box was smudged! Someone didn't watch for quality! So here I was last night midnight, checking stupid business cards! I was not impressed by the quality of them in the first place... Looks like someone tried to put a shadow behind my name and such. In the end They make my eyes go wonky, Doesn't help that it was midnight and the fact that I have to tell Eric that the cards he has with him may be smudged as well. Hopefully he doesn't hand them out and make me look like a fool. ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!

Also what doesn't help my mood is that the weather is killing me...It's 30C today as a forecast but it was 22 this morning as I came into town at 9 this morning so I think it might have the possibility of going a lot higher.
That and the hotel for the same room last year took a 50% increase in their rates. Ben and I can't afford that room and already most of the other rooms are already taken. I can't believe that people will charge that much of an increase after one year. Sooo once more it comes down to me myself and I to find a room with only two days left before we travel down there. Woot that sucks!
On the positive note though my neighbour's little girls cat had kittens. I hope I can find a home away from home in the period of 6 weeks. I always wanted a cat with the extra toes, and the mother is so wonderfully marked, but I think I would want to play with her and try to make her purr. If she drools deals off. I hate cats that drool. Or smell wierd.

*Song of the week: Halloween Dream by Yuki Kimura*

Might post before heading down to Calgary, might post afterwords. Chio and have a good day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A piccy yay!

I would like to extend a picture out there to cyberland of the little group of people I brought out one summer, actually last summer, to Animethon. I stole this off of consplayers so if I get caught I guess I'll have to beg forgiveness to the company and I'll take this time to thank them for having a nice picture taken of the stage. It seems like my own were distroyed. (Thanks Carrie the one that was of me you had a finger over the lens!)

To tell the truth it was fun running all over Grant McEwan dressed up in these costumes, the only sucky part was that our costumes were well made. So...Everyone came up "Can I have a picture?" Of course like fools we all went sure! Dump all our stuff and pose..."Thanks." And we gather all our crap just in time to take a few steps and yet another person "Can I have a picture?"

Poor Bennett, he couldn't have a smoke without people bugging the crap outta him...LOL...

Hopefully we have the same responce when we go down to Calgary. The halls of the building that they crammed Otafest in is a lot smaller, so it will be interesting to see how many people we accidently bump into with our props. When I get my scanner working (broken again the cheap hoser of a thing) I'll get my pictures online and you can see me and ben dressed up as ash and misty, and him battling team rocket with Pikachu...

Yes I seriously need help.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Yet another Monday...

Good Monday everyone out there in cyberland...
Everyone says that Mondays are always a bad day, they must always have to work monday to friday or something like that...Garfield always has a bad day on monday, but for me it's not a bad day. I have my weekends on wednesday and thursday right now so mondays are almost like thursdays for most people. When I was working at CT I loved Tuesdays. Usually that was the end of my work week and the fact that tuesday used to have all the specials, cheap seats at the theatures, extra stamps at subway (cheap bastards wouldn't validate my old stamps, shows how much I eat at those resturants anymore), All you can eat at Joey's only...Ahhh the good old tuesday. The young girl that I work with sees it another way, that tuesdays are one of the worst days of the week...That it signifys that there is another five days til she is free from work and school.

Anyways there is 8 days til Eric goes back to Ontario, unfortunatly it wouldn't be forever *sigh* he'll be back like cramps.
On the positive note Otafest is in 13 days (all days include today) The trip down there will start on Friday so we can look around Calgary for a day (Saturday) and hopefully catch a free meal with his aunt when we are down there. I want to show her some of my drawings and hopefully get some time to see what exactly she wants me to do for her. Hehehehe I can't wait. The only downer of the whole thing is that we have to take on the whole cost of the hotel, cause we couldn't find anyone who wanted to come down to Calgary...Sucky...But I think I can be cool with that.

Anyways for those out there in cyber-land I'm in a pickle, which two characters should Bennett and I go as? For those who weren't in our group I have costumes that would fit Bennett or Myself include: InuYasha, Sesshomaru, Miroku, Songo, Kagome (Ben might fit into it ^-^), Kagura, Shippo, and Kikyo. You can e-mail me or leave a note at the end of the message...If you email me though pls put vote somewhere in the message, or I'll delete it...Sorry but that's what I do...Also ideas for the skit would be helpful as well...^-^ I'll put my e-mail out for only a few days...Special for this...

Watch out world come next Animethon! If I can lose a few pant sizes, and some belly flub, we are going as Lina Inverse and Naga off of Slayers. I'm not sure who to be more embarrassed, me dressed in a bikini and cape, or Bennett, dressed as Lina...Almost puts the female Sailor scouts of last years Animethon to almost shame...But I was impressed with those guys...They wore everything and shaved their legs! ^-^ I'm disappointed that I couldn't watch their skit.

Anyways should get back to work...Have a nice Monday...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fun Fun Fun in the snowy rain?

It;s kinda snowing today! The snow is sapposed to stop and sapposed to rain for the rest of the day, but if it was just only that...It's blowing up to 50km in gusts today. Dad got canceled cause there is a high chance that people could have flight...Chickens.

There are many many many weird people in the world, and the more I notice more of you the more I appreciate all of you. You give me ideas for characters...I thank you all.

Did that get your attention yet?
I hate them...Bras never fit and when they do they fall apart the next wash, or my mom steals them, finds that they don't fit and throws them away! The fucking hoser. It's bad living in a household with two other women.
If they don't fit you either get loose or too tight. I rather have them too loose, then it's why bother wearing a bra, but I'm used to having them on, so why not...Meh... Too tight sucks, that's when you get the two or even three boob a side issue, or the nipple rub...Or something popping out. LOL Yes I have nothing better to talk about except boobs and bras.
Oh yes last saturday I did inventory at work. I had to work with Bennett with this. NOW I know why he has so many problems at work...He doesn't listen, he thinks he is right, even though he doesn't know what he is talking about...Grrr...I've told him I can't stand him right now and to leave me semi alone and go and play with his friends. I'm way too freaking busy anyways. Between work and real estate I have one day left and that is my mom and sister's birthday so I have to stick around anyways...
Anyways no more to talk about...I will post again later if something comes up...