Friday, May 19, 2006

Almost on the way and disaster strikes!

Gotta love trips. Gotta love a vacation. Gotta love set-backs.

Okay here's the story:
Let's see, got up at tenish cause some insurance company wants the safty for the Catalliac, so I thought it best to start the day.
I decided the night before to send my car in and get whatever was wrong with the brakes fixed (AGAIN). So into town. Got the report from CT saying that it was the main power booster. Okay fix it. The quote was about $260. Okay that was about my limit for this thing anymore. I need the repairs to settle down.
So off I went to the real estate office. I'm still not on rotation, jeez I'll never get any money out of anyone else unless I get a day soon, but the owner was too busy to show me the ropes so maybe next week. But one good thing about coming in was that I got the passwords and everything to get into the computers, photocopiers and my email. However I can't spell the password to get into the email, so when I need to get into it I will have to find a dictionary til I can change the password. Otherwise the other passwords are dumb too. I had to choose a password to get into the photocopier and they gave me a different one anyways so why make me think of one in the freaking first place. Little things bug me.
Get off to the bank to deposit over $300 worth of change, then go to CT and see mom and how well they are working on the car. Got orders for McDonalds stuff, but I needed to stop at one place first to check out prices on pens.
Go to sign cellar and wow. Got the prices on a whole bunches of stuff, got a job offer and interview if I want it. Why the hell did they not want me a year ago and now they are begging me for me to do work for them? I think the other owner is an asshole.
And so I was late cause I'm too polite to say SHUT UP I GOTTA GO!!!! So I got the drinks for two people and paid for my car. Then back to Stony...Crap I did a bunch of driving.
In stony more fuel, paid for my insurance and then went to Marcel's Handie Printing. Well that was good news and bad news. Good news. The graphic designer there had another baby boy. Good for her. Bad news. Anne heard that I was working and that I wasn't available for her purposes. Crap.
So off to home. There I was about to book the hotel when Ben called. His car is broken T.T Good thing I went and got my car fixed that day but there was still a bunch of stuff to do to it. Including taking a shovel and cleaning out the crap in it. Mom and I should almost live in that car. Next was to rotate the tires, boy let's find more things wrong with my car. I was pissed last night with last minute changes and now driving a car that could possibly give me grief in downtown Calgary...
One more thing that I consider is Ben's fault, Bennett goes squish.

Oh and another note, I haven't linked them together but I have another blog with my stories on it. If you go to my profile you can find it there. I'll link them when I have more time. Wow, yestorday was busy. I hate being so busy.

Goodnight from Spruce Grove.

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