Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just another thing this week...

Hi out there in Internet Land!

Okay you all know about Calgary...
Monday was our last day there so we entered into Mr. And Mrs. Otafest 2006 contest. I got five or six votes woot!... It's pretty good for how bad I was feeling. I got a mirgrane the first thing in the morning. It was bad enough I almost fell over gods I hate those things.
On the drive home I slept from Calgary to Red Deer, then from Red Deer to Leduc.
Why not, when you feel like crap, your boyfriend saying to sleep, and you have nothing else to do?
Got home and immediatly broke into my BoA Cd...(Or at least I thought to be a CD) and tried it into my computer. Nothing. Deleted my cd drive and reboot. Nothing. Throw it into the Boombox. Nothing. Went hey! Let's try the laptop. Boom. The damned thing is a DVD and now I can't listen to her while crusing down the road in the car. DRAT!

Another disappointment was my Knights of Ramune DVD. I picked it up cause it's from the makers of Slayers! Well it is rated 16+ but the slayers that was rated that the most sex in it was a frog fell from som quite huge boobs and they bounce when the girl runs *duh* They do bounce when we run.
It was mild porn.

Look at the cover. It shows nothing that is inside this very weird very wrong show.

I couldn't believe it. Here I was watching it with Kim and a naked woman waltzes out on screen. WTF!!! And starts moaning and crying out. WTF!!!! And then it goes to a scene of outer space fighter action. WTF? After that it's panty action with a girl shooting over the desert in a hovercraft. I had enough. Put in Slayers.

With that show all I had to worry about is bouncing boobs, boob talk (usually how big Naga's are and how Lina's is) and explosions.
For those who do not know Slayers here is another picture. The red haired one is Lina and the dark haired one is Naga. If it wasn't for this show I would not have gone in for all the shows I do now. Thanks in some ways, in others I wish I never picked up this expensive habit.

I don't do drugs, I do anime. Probably the more expensive of the two.

Of course with the series of slayers there are many more characters than those two and the people that they meet. However if I did see Naga first I donno. I might've given it up first off. Her laugh is the most annoying, comical thing ever. I can do it but it is kinda embarrassing. Told you all I would put a picture of them up on here. Now imagine me dressed as Naga...No. That would be wrong. I would burn someone's eyes out.

Stress releaser of the day. A couple of guys walked into the store and one was wearing hot pink the other bright yellow. Where do some people shop? Walmart.


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