Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fun Fun Fun in the snowy rain?

It;s kinda snowing today! The snow is sapposed to stop and sapposed to rain for the rest of the day, but if it was just only that...It's blowing up to 50km in gusts today. Dad got canceled cause there is a high chance that people could have flight...Chickens.

There are many many many weird people in the world, and the more I notice more of you the more I appreciate all of you. You give me ideas for characters...I thank you all.

Did that get your attention yet?
I hate them...Bras never fit and when they do they fall apart the next wash, or my mom steals them, finds that they don't fit and throws them away! The fucking hoser. It's bad living in a household with two other women.
If they don't fit you either get loose or too tight. I rather have them too loose, then it's why bother wearing a bra, but I'm used to having them on, so why not...Meh... Too tight sucks, that's when you get the two or even three boob a side issue, or the nipple rub...Or something popping out. LOL Yes I have nothing better to talk about except boobs and bras.
Oh yes last saturday I did inventory at work. I had to work with Bennett with this. NOW I know why he has so many problems at work...He doesn't listen, he thinks he is right, even though he doesn't know what he is talking about...Grrr...I've told him I can't stand him right now and to leave me semi alone and go and play with his friends. I'm way too freaking busy anyways. Between work and real estate I have one day left and that is my mom and sister's birthday so I have to stick around anyways...
Anyways no more to talk about...I will post again later if something comes up...

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Avaelyn said...

Boobs are annoying... grr... I hate wearing bras and junk...
I'm so bored and tired, and I should sleep, but I don't want to.. therefore, this comment will likely be completely and utterly pointless..
Which it is..
And now I'm done...