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John's Primary Storyline part 1

(((Legal note that I'm not sure is completly legal....I made this up, this is mine, and if you steal it, you shall be punished...I'm not joking about this...Really.)))

Many have asked what I really want to do with John Sinclair...Well put him in a comic named Sinclair of course! What follows is a broken storyline, broken scenery, and broken discriptions of characters. For pictures of named characters go here ---> Sometimes it's easier to understand if one does that. But I do warn you that there is a few pictures of people in another manga there and please don't think that I will write all the comics...I think there is too much for me. Anyways, if there is wide breaks there are parts that I can't figure out what to do yet. Help is welcomed and I thank any in advance for anything. Bah.

Story starts out as John being a struggling student by day, welder by night. The owner of the house he is renting a room from is an old (man or woman not sure yet...There is storylines with either or but haven't decided which yet, but either way SINGLE) who has a superior mentality, that he would rent to scum like a half-breed.

I'll break there and explain a little of the scene...The year is unknown, humans have been to space and health breakthroughs have made some of the common killers of today non-existant. However there is worse diseases out there but that is not needed through most of the story. However like today there is deaths that no one can do anything about. This is necessary to know for later. Humanity decided that there was no need to endanger human lives in jobs like policing, firefighting, explorations, and in extreme cases, war. So they developed the half-breed that has genetically programed to be loyal, obident and willing to take on these "dangerous" or "ugly" jobs that many people rather not have. However there is still some humans running around doing these jobs. Hint hint the scientist who delevoped these peoples was named Sinclair Rillings (don't ask) This is significant but that's my little secret so far. Oh and yes half-breeds are MALE ONLY...Females die within the first five years due to internal organ shut-down. Also the markings that are on their face and bodies are traced through bloodlines. So the son of one will have almost the same markings as his father, they may dialute due to interbreeding with humans.
Sometime along the human timeline there was an intergalatic war and the half-breeds were called upon to battle, but fell short. Fast forward into modern times, humanity is left alone by the "aliens" but a payment is made that make the whole race slow in production, research, as well as the faded, yet still there memories of the loss that they took. Another condition is that half-breeds were not to take on the burdens they were designed to do. In the end, some made into the work-force and have families. Most went to the "Dog-fights" where the half-breeds are pitted up against one another in sometimes fatal, well..umm, fights. Two seriums were made for this purpose. One is like adrenillen that boosts the feirce side of the half-breed, the other is to make them perfectly passive. These both have unexpected side-effects for John, but John isn't a normal half-breed. Anyways, some went to gain lots of money. Others found outside "safe zones" were captured and brought into the fights by breeders and masters. Due to the desire to travel some of the half-breeds get snatched, even if they have a family. Also with the border-line hatred of the half-breeds make for a lot of orphaned younger ones. In the long and short there is no other use for half-breeds but for entertainment.

Back to the story...John makes his way to school where there is a trip planned to one of the "Unsafe" areas for half-breeds. (senario #1) John refuses but the teacher emplores him to go, for nothing less she offers to pay for his tuition and for his expenses throughout the trip to protect her. (senario #2) He goes on his own choice.
Once there in the city John gets pick=pocketed by Lee (a young half-breed with marked ears). Chasing Lee throughout the streets he finds himself in trouble; cornered in a dead end street. There is a scoffle and John is caught by a group including Ori-Anna. However in his capture John tries to escape and accidently kills another half-breed by falling on him and breaking his neck.
John is taken to a training institution and is told that he must replace the one that his has killed in the fights. Horrified John tries countlessly throughout the time he spends there to escape, during the time he is tended and slowly befriended by OriAnna, who looks like she is a female half-breed! *See note above...
John while his stay and fights he is troubled by dreams of Jashi Zarconifi, a blonde elf with extremly long ears, who keeps saying that majic is returning to the earth and soon he will come and take the life of John. Another dream he keeps with is fuzzy memories of his past that seems only like a dream...
Meanwhile in the waking world, John is left in a single cell, bored. Others keep asking about his linage and John has no idea. Actually John has amnesia. He only can recall waking for his first day of school, even though he knew other details, like where he worked and where he had to go to school.
"The man looked through the one way glass where John was imprisoned. “I must know where he comes from. With the heritage line I will know how to figure out how to handle him. Since he took out my best fighter he should in turn take his place. Andrew.”
A small half-breed looked up and nodded, “Yes master?”
The man sighed heavily and rubbed his eyes with a forefinger, “What have you found?”
“Absolutely nothing by regular means. There is no birth under his name. We will have to go in deeper into visual records but that will take a lot longer.” The boy cringed fearing the wrath that this may impose.
“very well take Kei with you and figure this out.”
“Yes sir!” The boy rushed out of the room.
The man looked back at his prisoner who glared back at him. “I will break and own you.” A dark shadow crosses the man’s face as a smile crosses it.

Kei looks up from the computer screen as Andrew steps into the room. “How did it go?”
Andrew shrugs as he takes his chair. “He really wants this one. Little wonder though. Have you seen __________? He was torn up pretty good and the guy doesn’t have one scratch on him.” Kei nods and continues to type on the keyboard. “I really don’t want to face that guy.”
Kei looks to Andrew with serious eyes, “me neither that guy walks around with the scent of fear, not his own but others. I think we really should keep our heads down and prey that he stays in his cage and not out here with guys like us.”
Working hard they don’t hear the door open. “What’cha working on?” The two jump out of their seats, only to find a young woman smiling and looking over their shoulders.
“Ori! What are you doing here?” Andrew looks at her with ears pressed flat back on his head.
“Good afternoon Mistress Orianna.” Kei turns back to his screen.
Ignoring Andrew Orianna looks upon the screens. “Jonathan Sinclair. Is that the guy they are holding upstairs Kei?”
“Yeah and the Master wants to know where his lines go.” Kei speaks softly. Andrew putting up a tantrum in the background.
“Why does it matter so much?” Ori turns to Kei ears perked in interest.
“It is the simple matter that traits seem to be passed down very strongly from one generation to the next. If the father, or even the grandfather’s actions were recorded to be vicious there is a high chance that the offspring is the same, even raised in different conditions. Also it gives clues on how to train and fight them. For instance with your father he was gentle and kind so there is very little fear of you going off the handle unless your hormones throw the theory out the window.”
“Why should that matter?”
Kei grinned showing off his canines “Silly girl you are the only half-breed female to live past the age of nine. Master has a soft side for you that he sometimes doesn’t have for the rest of us. Right, Andy?” Nodding Andy pours into the screen.
“Well has anyone asked him about his parents?” Inquired Ori. Kei shakes his head. “Perhaps I should go ask him myself!”
“Ori don’t do it! He’s mental I don’t know what he may do! He sent _______ to traction!” Fear creaps into Ori’s face before she trumps out of the room. Turning to Andy Kei clears his throat, “think she’ll do it?”
Shrugging Andy points to the screen, “Hey Kei, look at this!”
Kei leans over to look at the computer screen and gasps. “Is that thing right?”
Andy shrugs. “It is an old article there is a lot of junk that is floating around here in cyber-space but it seems real.”
********Show article of John in Officer Outfit.
“If you type the name on that there is a large opening…Everything having to do with this ship the Consolation. First and last ship to come out of the Ebon nebula, and such things. Past that some hero stories but then nothing. Think that this kid was a relative.”
“The picture is so close that it could be him. There is no way it cannot be his relative. Print it off and show it to boss, I’ll keep looking.”
Nodding Kei takes the miniature printout and leaves, running an errand for his owner and Master.

“You’re behind there aren’t you?” John sat glaring at the black window that was a wall of his cell. His ear swivels as the door opens. A man in a dark suit appears at the doorway.
To his surprise the man rushed up and hit him crossways the face. Spinning he hit the floor hard with the room spinning. Hefting him up the man looked him straight in the eye and snarled “Common!” Before throwing him down onto the floor hard.
“What the fuck are you doing to me?” screamed John. The man just smiled as he kicked him in the ribs. Curling into a small ball John starts to cough and wonder what else could go wrong this week.
“I am going to get what you took out of you boy and perhaps a lot more. Perhaps you can do what you did to my own in the ring with others.”
Fear penetrated John’s face as he realized what the man was talking about. The grand ring where men and women of the human race place bets against those who are half breeds who fight sometimes to the death. “Never. I wouldn’t do such a thing!” John scrambled to the other side of the cage away from this man.
The man just looked at him with a small smile upon his face. “Oh but you will.” Turning he leaves the room."

I wrote the previous exrept a while ago but I think it might be better if the boss never knows who John is. I keep on thinking of having a sexy silluette of Orianna in the doorway and she tossing a file on the floor before John, and telling him that they found out who he was, but they aren't going to tell the master/boss cause he is an ill old man and that since he has no heirs all the monies and property will go to him since he the highest earner of the batch.
In time the old man dies, not of old age I don't think. Not sure yet.
John gets to run the whole show and pulls out of the fights, returning home, he finds out that the old man/woman was sapposed to be renting from HIM. hehehe I love nasty turn of events. But he took on another renter and who would it be but Lee. hahaha it practically writes itself.
Lee befriends John by telling him how he did that trick to a couple others. He did it so that he could pay off the boss for his life (kinda like some slaves of old did), and that John was the last one so that he could go and live, free. So in the end of this all Lee and the old person lives together and he travels back to the masters place...
But on the way he stops in a village where he gets armed robbed. Stabbed in the middle of the dark street he slumps on his knees, forehead on the ground. From his back up streatches Jashi, beautiful and almost womanly, dressed in his traditionial robes, that seamingly float upwards as he rises *sigh* As soon as he opens his eyes the light, the wind etc is gone....hehehe kewl.
Opens another chapter of John's life as he starts a relationship with Ori, Jashi helping to find his past and all consiquences associated with that. I think I will also bring up the one, the only Alarice from my novels...I think only people that have read it was Lea and Danielle and the thing is huge and missing page 3. Piss me off... But she is the classic evil guy that has no cause. That makes her the most human of all. The bad guy always want to take over the world...She doesn't, I think I'll just make her want to be a hermit and want to screw John around...Yes that would be fun. Past this, everything gets a little fuzzy on what I really should do... I have some plots for later but that should be expanded in

Okay now for news. On Sunday it snowed. This Saturday it's sapposed to snow then go up to the teens. Our weather is fucked.
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Avaelyn said...

I've always kinda wondered exactly what was going on with John, and where he came from... It was interesting to read exactly what's kinda going on with your characters... Which reminds me, that I should really start writing again... Need more research... maybe once I get the internet at home, I can start with the research... and maybe find a local library...

I hate socks, too... and hair going up my nose.. and in my eyes.. grrr... I need a hair cut, I think...

Kami Akai said...

Yeah but like I said at the start of this post I'm not sure where to start out from...Always a problem...Good middle writer I am.

What are ya thinking of writing Avae? Maybe I can help with some research or ideas. *poke*

Avaelyn said...

Oh, it's actually not for Avaelyn, but a different thing... I'm still not sure what to do with her and Kaevon (the character I designed for my brother)... we'll see..

Right now, I'm trying to work on a novel... It's about a facility that is operating under the pretenses of a child psychology research facility, but is actually doing experimentation on them... like transplanting them with animal body parts, and giving them animal abilities... They use memory alteration and wiping so that the kids don't know about their past lives... except for one 12 year old girl named Pheonix, who is starting to have dreams about things, and she thinks that they're from her past... Also, there's a guy outside investigating the facility... So far, the tentative title is Behind The Door...

Avaelyn said...

I suck at beginnings, too... Right now I only have about 20 pages, front and back, or storyline notes and brainstorming, plus a little bit of research on blood types (because I'm going to create my own blood type X for the story), and transfusions, and how transplants work... I need more... plus research on animals, and their abilities and survival skills and behaviours... I know a lot about cats (at least domesticated ones), but not a lot about other kinds...