Saturday, April 15, 2006

Computer literacy friend or foe?

FOE! At least in my home. It's sad, actually cause I'm the only one that seems to know how to use the thing and people call me in the middle of a date to ask questions on how a computer works. Let me tell you all this story one or two of you might find this funny.

I went out the other night and wasn't expecting a call from home. When I left they told me that Eric had to do some work on the internet. I said fine, just X out of all the pop-ups that pleage my poor machine. So in the long and short I ignored the call, figuring if it is important they would bug me more than once. Got home later that night and people ask me if I got my cell phone message. No. So what is the problem? Well here it is: Eric started up my computer and got one of my standard error messages, which comes from stuffing a dated piece of hardware onto a new computer...Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and like in this case it works but on startup it gives wierd error messages. Anyways that was cause for a swear and reboot the computer. Fine the error didn't come up but other spam pops up on the screen. Fine. Another curse. Clicks on my internet explorer to get online, gets the error message, where to check the address and such. First thing I ask: "Did you dial up onto the internet?"

His responce "Dial Up?"

I need to buy one of those soft mallets to swat stupid people in my home. A question like that Kim should've been able to solve, but for some reason had a brain fart or something. It's not like it's a new thing in the house. I've had dial-up since 1999. Why the hell can't anyone figure out how to jump online?

Another stupidity that is blantent, in my face, duh even, is the repairs on my car. Two or three weeks ago I went into Canadian Tire and got my brakes repaired. A simple thing really. Make my car no longer nose dive in the middle of the street...I'm getting whiplash! Anyways got it repaired and drove home, went my this thing is driving rough...What did those twits do this time. Get home and felt up ^.^ The drivers rear hub was hot and the car stank...So sent it back in to get it checked. They said that the rear axel is bent...Well if I was in something hard enough to twist the rear axel I think I might have remembered it, and there would be a mark. So....Bullshit! Finally last Sunday mom went to go out to a baby shower and there was my tire, flatter than flat. Dad took the tire off and checked the drum. It was split in half! Like what the hell? Took it back in and the monkey just fixed them, and my brakes are no longer rubbing and I have full fuel economy back again! Yah! It's way better to get another day out of the tank when gas is floating about $1/litre.

And I need help. Anyone can figureout how to get my character into a city where he doesn't want to go in a nice scene then I owuld love it. Right now I got a real cheezy one going with the principal offering a tidy sum and tution paid to go babysit a kid and a teacher in the certain city. I guess I'm being sketchy but hey it's the start of the flipping comic and I'm having problems. I got almost to the end of the series sketched out in my mind but I don't know how to place John in a corner of an alley and get ambushed and taken in. Past that I think I can fumble through. Hell I can even put it parts that I've written long ago, when I first created the whole group. But as I look back, the story line to start everything off is pretty cheezy, but some of the mid-line stories that were created are pretty good, and I would love to connect the stories.
As I read some of the stories I do get creeped out though...John is too much like Bennett. Even though I created my little Johnny a year and half before I met Ben, it's just strange.

I write too long of blogs.


Blair said...

I wanted to write something witter but I was struck that someone still has dial-up. Does the internet still work even? I do know Carvel, AB - fortunately - not well though. I don't know why you were looking for Stony Plain, but, so you know, you found a old old old blog entry. Maybe you should check out the latest. Tagged you back. BB

Avaelyn said...

I know what you mean... Seriously, why can't you people figure out what you're doing, that's what I do?? It's mean, but I hate it when Kyle's trying to do something on the computer, and has to call me every 5 minutes to do something for him, because he doesn't know how... I normally don't mind, but some days, when I'm in a really pissy mood, it bothers me to no end... I say, smack them all over the head with a sackful of nickels...

Canadian Tire is CRAP, I mean, seriously, you worked there, I would think you would realize that by now *shakes head* I'm slightly disappointed in you, Jen... LOL smack them with a sackful of nickels, too...

What are you talking about the drawing thing?? I would like to help you, but I have soo much organizing and stuff in my house to do, plus a drawing for my brother and foster cousin... PLUS something for myself, which I haven't done in a long time... but as me later, I can see...