Saturday, April 08, 2006

What would YOU do without electricity?

I asked this of one of the girls at work what would they do. She promtly said "Talk on the oh...Wait that needs power too." It took her 5 minutes to admit that she had no idea after listing a whole bunch of stuff that requires electricity.
I said I would get proficient with cooking with a stick.
So I ask those of cyberspace what would you do? You have no stoves, no computers, no hum of electricity whatsoever.

Anyways back to the regularly scheduled program of the person who is so freaking bored that random thoughts appear.

I think I or someone more advanced should have a subject of the day and have people comment and post about it and have stupid topics (like above)...

I have to fart. Oh wait...Maybe not.

To go back to my last post I am doing something I hate...Breaking in new shoes. I hate when shoemakers can't get the arches right or there is a side digging painfully and (sometimes) bloodily into the ankle. Probably like my mom, the shoemaker was is asleep at the machines. Yes, she worked with hot glue in her sleep, the boss watched her for a while...Probably explains why I can do some things like that...In my sleep that is...Not make shoes...That sounds like a crappy job...Probably full of people who have a shoe fetish.

I'm still pissed at Ben's mom. Perhaps it's my mentality at the moment or perhaps it's the fact that that comment had pissed both Ben and I off at that moment and I hold grudges bad. *Twitch*....*TWITCH TWITCH*

McDonalds was nuts at lunch. Yes I know that I am broadcasting to the world that I have cheated on my diet, but there was no lunches in the freezer...Anyways... If one can visualize the kitchen, you know the heat lamps, where they serve up the burgers before giving it to fat-assed people like myself. That was full so much they were piling up burgers ontop of burgers...Mmmm burger orgy. Anyways I hate going there for lunch, but wendys have freaky square burgers and A&W is in a crappy lot, probably with that big boat of mine be hit some time or rather, by some crap-assed little fibreglass thing. His bill will be more than I have spent on my car, repairs included, and I will have yet another dent and more rust sheered off of it. I hate little crappy fibreglass cars (reasons I will discuss in yet another rambling long blog post). Lunch was going to order when this huge gianthor of a woman comes butting in. I would've touched her but I was afraid to do so. Not because I'm not one to speak my mind, but of the fat. I could've been sucked in and never see the light of day again. But I bet living in the cracks of the XXXL moo moo I would've eatten well with the crumbs that are forgotten within the bulbus folds. *Shutters*
Working at McDonalds would suck because of dealing with all the hungry fat people. And trying not to get bitten when handing the food out to these heaving bulks of flesh.

Yep I think I now grossed out a couple of you.

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Avaelyn said...

What would I do without electricity?? Well, here we go... an overview of my life without electricity...

I'd have a sweet little hut on the beach... I would cook everything over an open fire... Mmmm, smokies, baked potatoes, steak, corn on the cob... I'd be eating good... Then, since I'd be out of a job, I'd go beg on the street for a while... or maybe make something and sell it... probably on the street as well... Then, when I'm not working, I'd spend it making little knick-knacks to sell for money, playing guitar, drawing, and reading a lot, and swimming in the ocean... Kyle would beg on the street, because I don't think he'd be all that good at making stuff... Patrick would learn to love the water, and eat little minnows and crabs from the ocean. Then the three of us would curl up on our bed made from a mattress and pillows of dried grass and fall happily asleep to the sound of seagulls and crashing waves... THE END!

Wow... that was special... I hate new shoes, too... especially when they cut into your feet... Ack...

McDonald's is always nuts at lunch... boy, am I glad I don't work there anymore... I love UniClear... yay!!