Monday, April 17, 2006

Is the world obsessed with death or is it me?

Hello and good day...Another rant made by yours truly.

Okay here is something that has been bothering a lot of late. Perhaps that it is that someone close to me is in mourning, but perhaps of the stuff on the tele. I would like to take a moment and rewind back about a month and bring up from the dredges "the fallen four". I don't know about the rest of the world but I feel sorry for the families of the four. They have the time to heal, time to get their lives back on track and then suddenly it is torn open like a old scab, letting old wounds bleed. The mounties died a horrible death but common there is no memorial getting built for the others that had died around that time. What is there for the families of the construction workers that got hit when a transport hit the bus that was stuck in the middle of the road? There will be no parks, no tribute ceremonys, no nothing! They were in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Not being rude but frankly that is what has happened to those young mounties that were gunned down. (I bet that this will bring in a lot of rude comments on this one.) Ahh good ol' Canadian policy... Hide the truth to make the law-makers look good. I wouldn't expand on this comment...There is no need, just look into the newspapers.

As for mourning how long is too long? For me like a week is good, even to those close to me. I could even see where a year later one could be a little teary, especially if there is a special occasions were to arise. Is eight years too long? I'm sorry to say but Bennett lost his previous girl around this time eight years ago and is still getting depressed. Is it wrong of me to go and want to kick him in the shin and go get over it life has to go on, or go and be supportive and choke on my bile and go "there there it will be alright..." I don't know. I heard on K-Rock on their morning show that red-heads can take more pain than any other hair color. Physical me, no. Emotional, Yes.

Funny of the day: I have a friend who wants to join the army. I told him to think about it, yes you are going to help in some dispute, but man, people are dying over there. He goes, "I know I know..." So I repond to why... He returns, "To counter friendly fire on the Canadians."

Some days I wonder if its better not to look out there to the wide world and go, hey! People in our own country need help. Why are we sending people to other countries when the money and man power can be used at home. If you don't believe me think of how many homeless there is out there, dying on the streets due to hunger or improper shelter. No it's easier to send money and help to those that are not in our communities, than to reach over and help those in our communities. Some people just can't make it on their own, some have problems, yes. And no one can accuse me of speaking out of my ass. I have gone and took a couple of homeless through a grocery store and bought them some bread, fresh water and a chocolate bar, because that's what they wanted. I didn't mind spending the freaking $5.00 to help someone on this road of life. I don't know what happened to those guys but I hope that they found their feet. Sometimes that's all someone needs...A helping hand.

I'm going to end this drivel due to the light of the screen is giving me a migrane. Some food for thought.


Avaelyn said...

It is really sad what happened to those mounties... I don't understand senseless violence like that... But seriously, there should be some sort of a memorial for them, or something!!

I think that people need to mourn as long as they need... sometimes a week is good, but sometimes you need longer to get over it... Some people just don't deal with it as well... but at some point, you need to get over it... There's no point in getting depressed about it all the time, because you're not doing yourself any good, and that's not how the person who's gone would want you to be... I think that you need to move on with your life... It's good to remember them, the good times, and maybe shed a tear or so, but getting depressed over it eight years later, it will just eat a person up inside... It does no one any good...

Kami Akai said...

I think if you make a memorial for those guys you should make a memorial for all people who were sencelessly killed. Or maybe that's me...