Friday, April 07, 2006

My mentallity is shitty today

*My mother-in-law to maybe be. Reason: Showed her my promise ring and she reacted in horror absolute horror. She asked if that was what she thought it to be (an engagement ring) and when we said no she said "Good!" What really is her business anyways and what if it was. I never was so close to breaking up with someone due to their family in my life.
*Men. Reason: Leaving the toilet seat up. The guy that was working at the store here was properly trained and in turn, trained us women. In the end both the lid and seat were to be down. I think it is fair cause none of us sexes have to take full blame when the seat is up. Also when the lid is down so is the seat. Also they ask more of us women than they wish to do themselves.
*President Bush. Reason: Goofy looking
*Manning. Reason: Goofy looking and an annoying voice.
*Bin Laden. Reason: Attack a superpower and think that it will help your people. Moron.
*B.O. Reason: It's gross. Okay maybe in the summer when it is like 37degrees outside there is a reason but common in the middle of winter and it smells like you haven't bathed in a week and you are doing groceries in the middle of the day. It's called soap.
*Really really fat people. Reason: What help are you to society? I'm not talking the 300 pound range or under I'm talking people are over 400lbs that aren't muscley. The ones that get stuck in the scanners at Canadian Tire, or ones that have to have sticks to hold in the fat to close the doors of their screaming little cars. (seen both, the guy who had the stick had a little box to step into the car so that he didn't have to lift his ass into the seat, just slide in)
*Women's time of the month. Reason: Okay ladies we all have to do it at one time or another but it is disgusting! Especially when you smell it on a woman who is having a heavy day (see reason of B.O. above) And people are mean if they have bad PMS!
*New Shoes/Clothes. Reason: You have to try on one million things to find one that fits properly or looks good. Then as soon as you get them to a comfy stage then they fall apart and you have to go through the whole process again to find something once more. It's a bad system!

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Ladybug said...

Jen my love,
I'm thrilled to see you are still alive and twiching. Look up my blog, although it is definatly not as indepth and funny as yours, just a collection of thoughts. You know how spazy I've always been.
No, other red head will ever haunt my dreams like you, My own burden to bear.
Be a darling and bite a neck or two for me, my blood drinking days are over, I've reproduced and since been in dead land.
My deepest affections,
Lea Anne
my blog, All The Men and Women Merely Players