Monday, April 10, 2006

What the heck?

Okay I have had enough of spam, hackers and people who make virus. I hate to say it but what the heck!?!! I see advertising more and more it is now almost impossible to get into a small bubble and hide away from the advertising world. It's getting oppressive.
Hackers why the heck would they really have to gain to bust into my home computer? There is no signs that I shop online, so no credit card numbers to pull. Woot! You can grab the InuYasha pictures that I've uploaded from the internet. Dumb hosers.
People who make viruses...What good is it to you?!!!??? I think most of them is employed by the norton virus company to release viruses onto the internet that people stumble upon and have that fear hammer upon us all to purchase those stupid programs that pop-up more often than pop-up spams do. Anyways what is the point of a virus? It shuts down the computer, makes people frustrated and in the end the only people who win are technitions and people who sell us the bloody things in the first place. That is my reasonings that the people that design the viruses are people who have grudges against all of society, people who originally design the anti-viruses and people who designs/fixes the computers, so they get more customers.
I HATE SPAM E-MAILS!!!! #1 I'm a GIRL therefore I don't need penis enhancers. #2 I don't live in the states, even on any of my profiles, so why send me ads for free stuff that I have no way of winning. #3 I really have no cares about some poor ass person with some disease that they will get $0.10 with each name on the list, but one doesn't know the original e-mail address so even if there was a million dollars worth of names on the list who gets the money? It's a pyramid scheme in the making. Which (even though it's illegal) if no one broke the chain pyramid schemes would always work. But people break the chain. Bah.

Otafest! May long weekend. Can't wait! We are still looking for people to split the hotel room and be part of the InuYasha cosplay group. This time hopefully we can get a REAL skit working and have people that wouldn't skip out on us like at Animethon. Hopefully we can get another couple and then we will have most of the original people so then it isn't just me and Ben running around like fools. But I don't think that the costumes I had made up will be too bad for any of us. Right now if we can't find another couple I think we might go down as InuYasha and Seshomaru...That is if I can fit into the Sesshie costume. (Considering it was made for a guy like a foot taller than myself.) Also it will be hot. There is a lot of weight in one of those costumes. Especially the Miroku costume. It was bad enough when I had to get it sized and had to walk around and stand in the dress-makers place but I would love to wear it. I don't think that people would like a girl playing a lecturous monk, grabbing other girls asses. And the idea of people slapping me was a unfavorable one. But it would be fun to do once ^_^

Yeah radio playing O sanpo kyousoukyoku (parfait mix) Very fun song, even though I can't understand anything they say.

I have made a mess here at my desk so I should stop this banter and clear it all up...

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Avaelyn said...

Spam is lame.... I'm glad that I don't get a bunch of spam in my work email... Maybe that's because I don't email much... Kyle does, though... this morning, he had 137 emails in his work inbox, and 108 of them were spam... that's just over the long weekend... it's pathetic... some of them are funny... but still, seriously... and maybe, if you get some penis enhancements, even though you're a girl, you can grow random phallus protrustions all over your body... and you could be a new super hero, Penis Girl... hooray!!

I wish I could come with you to Otafest... As much as I don't like to admit it sometimes, I liked Animethon a lot... goodness, but it was fun... I really am a geek, seriously... Whatever... geeks are sweet... I should get a t-shirt that says that... Well have fun!!