Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good Evening from Calgary

Good Evening
This is the second night in Calgary and Imust admit that I'm physically exhausted. It's hard enough to crawl my ass downstairs to the exclusive computer room here in the hotel to write this. That and I feel gross and rather jump into a nice hot bath, but I did promise that if I could I would make a post while I am down here, reading that everyone else's blogs that I follow. Silly hosers not updating as fast as I do, except Blair. Keep up the good work!
Anyways today was a long one. We arrived in Calgary about 6 p.m. yestorday evening and after getting into the hotel we went out for a walk to find a bank, liquor store and a pizza place. Funny how easy it is to find shit when you are up in the hotel room (21 floor) but when you are down on the ground floor you can't find dittly!
But as soon as you give up and go get the car, BOOM everything is freaking around the corner of where you were...I sometimes hate travellling.
Anyways went to Otafest 8! Got a couple of CDs and 1 DVD but I didn't want to fight the crowds. I barely got to see any of the merchandise there and we had to watch our time to get to the cosplay forum. And YES we went into cosplay. I thought we did OK on our characters, and I have no idea how anyone did in the cosplay cause the results weren't out yet and Ben wanted to watch the hockey game. Since he has the car and I don't I have to follow what he wants.
I got to slap him...I love cosplay.

Almost as much as getting paid on a holiday while being DOWN IN CALGARY!

Talk to you all on Tuesday or more....

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