Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Ahhh never realized how much one person can bug another til one goes and tries to live with them. Eric left for Ontario the other day and I can't tell you how well I've slept over the last few nights. Today even though I'm tired I have a reason. I was an idiot and stayed up late working on the strap of my sango costume, for the boomerang. Hopefully our props wouldn't have issues with the safety police of the convention. *Sigh* Stupid safety police.

*Costume I would like my friend to finish one day, cause it would be awesome and he has the drawing and spects for it - Mike - Cloud from FF7. He has the sword spected and ready to be (metal) fabricated. He says that it would be awesome but he can only pose, maybe twice.*

I finally got my business cards from Reality Executives...Man I'm pissed about that. I missed out on a big party where those would've been my candy favors to some pretty rich people, cause they were late from the printers. Where I was if business cards took a week, they were either complicated or the office was so overworked that it was just down on the list. However this was sapposed to be set up essentially on someone's computer ready to insert name and print off. Something like that at Marcels would've been done (Time list permitting) in less than three minutes, then add on machine printing it (About 3 sheets per minute, 10 BC/sheet) then it would be cut in about 5 minutes. Jobs don't take three weeks to do. And after that about 1/3 of a box was smudged! Someone didn't watch for quality! So here I was last night midnight, checking stupid business cards! I was not impressed by the quality of them in the first place... Looks like someone tried to put a shadow behind my name and such. In the end They make my eyes go wonky, Doesn't help that it was midnight and the fact that I have to tell Eric that the cards he has with him may be smudged as well. Hopefully he doesn't hand them out and make me look like a fool. ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!

Also what doesn't help my mood is that the weather is killing me...It's 30C today as a forecast but it was 22 this morning as I came into town at 9 this morning so I think it might have the possibility of going a lot higher.
That and the hotel for the same room last year took a 50% increase in their rates. Ben and I can't afford that room and already most of the other rooms are already taken. I can't believe that people will charge that much of an increase after one year. Sooo once more it comes down to me myself and I to find a room with only two days left before we travel down there. Woot that sucks!
On the positive note though my neighbour's little girls cat had kittens. I hope I can find a home away from home in the period of 6 weeks. I always wanted a cat with the extra toes, and the mother is so wonderfully marked, but I think I would want to play with her and try to make her purr. If she drools deals off. I hate cats that drool. Or smell wierd.

*Song of the week: Halloween Dream by Yuki Kimura*

Might post before heading down to Calgary, might post afterwords. Chio and have a good day.

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Avaelyn said...

My kitty Patrick drools when he purrs a lot... it's especially annoying when I'm laying in bed, and he crawls on me, lays down and the drools on my neck... ew...