Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Memoirs of a Geisha Book review.

Okay I have had barely any time to actually read a book in the last while as I have been reading tech manuals for the last few weeks and reviews on all of those are BORING.... But in the mists of reading manuals and all that goes on in my life I was able to pick up this book and read it to the end.
There was a few things that made this book extremly hard for me to read. It has nothing to do with the way the book was worded or anything like that. For the first part the writer made it as if the person in the novel was a real person, however it conflicted with what was on the spine of the novel, which declared it to be fiction. Personally I have a mental issue with things like that and it bothered me all the way to the end of the novel.
Secondly I already watched the movie, which I'm glad I did before reading the book. I was already aware of some of the disappointing parts of the book which made me almost pull back and fling this book into some wall. The first is that the author was an american male and was writing as such, and it came through in the underlaying features of the book. It seemed through most of the book there was some sort of sexual reference and revolence, that it made it almost seemed that a geshia was a whore in pretty make-up. Meanwhile the movie had a more subdued tone of that in it by quickly skimming over all the sexual rig-more-all that the book conveyed.
Thirdly if there was people out there who liked this book they really should read Geisha of Gion (Geisha; A life) and get a more real aspect of how the life of Geisha was like by a woman who was one. Unfortunatly for my enjoyment I read the autobiography first and that was what I based this story upon for reality and truth. -_- Bad me.
Anyways the story of Sakamoto Chiyo is an interesting read, but the reality it paints should be taken with a pinch of salt. There is some truths beyond the words. There were girls "taken" or "sold" from their families, but in that time it was one of the better financial occupations for women. Many girls wouldn't be able to be financially indepentant any other way. It's quite interesting if one goes into the full depth of the matter.


Blair said...

I recently went the Gion. Amazing place. As for the book, I didn't even finish it. Too many good books out there to waste time with an average one. More power to those who liked it though.

Kami Akai said...

I want to go there as well. Usually I like average books, they are nice one day read things.