Thursday, March 01, 2007

Common dry those man tears...

Well it happened. Ryan Smyth was traded. It was kinda funny because a few days my dad commented off-handedly that "What's next? Ryan becomes a duck?"
Well no. A ranger in fact. It totally blew all my friends out of the water when we heard the news, especially on an emotional night like Messier's number retirement. The Oilers corporation said that it was a business deal. Meanwhile there are lots of advertising that it is only a game.
The main fact of the matter is that some feel that it took away any hope of even trying to make the playoffs this year. Many now are not even remotely interested in seeing the rest of the season. This was met with more backlash than the pronger issue. But there is a major twist: Ryan WANTED to STAY here. Many of the fans were miffed that they went out and spent good money on pronger sweaters and such but to them I say, if he gets his chance and becomes noted for something then those jerseys will be worth something monitarily wise. Ryan however had given the community a good role model, just as good as the major players of the oilers team did in the 80s. Secondly it was really disrespectful of how the company went about that trade. I don't know how people are told when they are traded but to find out on a television screen is just wrong. Where was his agent? Where was the GM phone call going "Your going to New York."? That's like having a co-worker say, "I'm sorry that you're leaving." When you have yet to recieve your pink slip.
But I have to say, if it wasn't an act and he truly wanted to stay here then sooner or later he'll be back. Being a free agent next year he could ask the Oilers to take him back on a deal. Weither or not they listen is another story.
I wonder in the next few years if fate has in store for him as it did the moose...Will we see him in Cunuck, then ranger and on tv going "chip?"...Probably not he has been hit in the head with a puck too many times.

Oh and now Chapter 8 is up for those who follow the story


Avaelyn said...

I'm not very impressed about that. At all. But that's really all I want to say.

Kami Akai said...

Yeah I know it is a shame, but then when I watched the news the other day he seems to be settling fine into the ranger lineup. Past all that I haven't even found out who he was traded for. It was told once but I don't remember completly. All I know is that it was for a lot of rookies, I think. *notes that's something to look up today*