Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh my...It's almost been a week!

Sorry...I've been busy.
1. I almost got myself into working a 13 day rotation last week which is not fun, but luckily I got into a day off on Tuesday so it wasn't as killer, unfortunatly it killed the paycheque.
2. On that tuesday I took Kim to the Space and Science center (now Telus World of Science) and I was totally bummed, why? I loved going there but there wasn't enough time to go through the exhibits as much as I wanted to. I wanted to D/L the pictures we took of ourselves playing on the exhibits but once again I'm posting from home and it would take another hour to upload all the photos I want to post. But I want to show you all the difference two weeks make. You people on the coast shall be impressed by the change!
3. I've been just a nervous artist. I've been writing again heavily so there is another four or five chapters to be typed out at a later date, so no worries I got a bunch of updates to keep me going for another four or five months, if I keep with the quota of one full/part chapter a week. Yay me.
Anyways just a quick post so that no one thinks I'm dead out here and I should give you a book review fairly shortly, since I've been reading a lot of mindless drivel lately and so...If you like reviews on mindless drivel I'm the best bet! *LOL*

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Avaelyn said...

I love the Space and Science Centre! They changed the name again? Goodness.