Saturday, March 03, 2007

Holy Fog!

Yeah this post was meant to be up last night but I wasn't feeling well and never got to it. So sorry but here it is:

We had some awesome fog lay itself down on Spruce Grove and area on Friday morning. By hwy 43 the fog was so thick that one couldn't see the bridge from Genesee turnoff. This picture was taken just outside Canadian Tire towards the card dealership across the hwy. That truck was parked one parking stall away from me. Made for an interesting trip with mom almost reaching over to throttle me every time we hit another thick patch and I refused to slow down.

Now for those who are smart with a cameras and love those pictures that look neat can anyone out there tell what this funky picture really is, or at least looks like ^-^ And no I didn't do anything in Photoshop to either picture, just undying talent and boredom. Be happy that I'm not stuck more often with boredom.


avaelyn said...

Weird. How'd you get that picture? It's the dash of your car. I see the fuel guage, some other guage, and the seatbelt lights, I believe. :D Trophy, please?! :P

Kami Akai said...

I got my shutter speed a little low so it stays open for a while longer. Then as the shutter is open you wave the camera like mad. And no this isn't my car, nor ben's car nor bens truck, but his dad's truck dashboard, so all you get is virtual miniburgers. Sorry. ^-^