Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad Day Bad Day Bad Day...

Wow this has been a crappy week. Actually it has been a super crappy yesterday but the week has been no prize either.

What happened well lets see.

I've been uber tired lately, so my temper has been only held with a small string of reason. Unfortunatly it snapped at Ben, who has very low tenasity to that kind of thing. Then I'm still fighting with an employer to give me a day off for the wedding in August, grr. As soon as I get the gumption to wash my car, YUB, it rains and gets mud all over it again (I got a laugh about that later in the program). And on top of that I got a flat tire driving home at 1 a.m. If that wasn't bad enough, I couldn't get the jack working because I tried opening a set of vicegrips and the Spring broke, therefore I couldn't open tham, therefore I couldn't close the release valve. *Cry* It all was for naught anyways because the spare was flat as well.

So in all the tire that's on it is totally distroyed so it's off for another set of tires for the old beast. Oh well it could work out in the end. I wanted to make that car's odometer roll over again before I sent it to the crusher so another set of tires isn't the worst thing in the world. The sad thing was that the tire that went flat was my best and neweat tire. Just my luck. I probably ran over something or broke the seal with the pressurewasher in the carwash.

Oh yeah the car wash. LOL. Okay I went to one of the washes that washes the undercarage as you drive into the bays. *Neatest thing I found this week, made my day that day* and as I parked I gave the car a little shake, because I didn't want my ass to stick out in the range of getting hit (it was anyways, who designs these places and parking lots so one can't park a 70s wannabe car anywheres?). I get out and the car takes a "dump" on the wash bay grill. There was so much mud after bogging around on the sideroads, mixed in with oil and whatnot, that when it got pressurewashed from below it fell in huge heaps on the washbay floor.

Also this tells you how lazy I am at washing vechiles. In some spots I had to get within 5" of the frame to actually start to peel off the dirt and grime that had permanently adhered to the side. There was still dirty water coming from it after $5 of wash time, and mud in the wheelwells. But it was so pretty. I didn't even recognized the color after I was finished. (Usually it is a light grey but after one washes it real well it takes a very light blue tinge) It was all for naught. It's all muddy now behind the tires and on the headlights.

Maybe after rescuing it off the side of the road tonight I will give the chrome on it a coke and aluminum foil treatment and blind others on the road. mah ha ha ha! I love it. Just now I have to get another set of wheel covers and then it wouldn't look so "native".


Avaelyn said...

Dude. That is so brutal. Haha. Car took a dump in the car wash. I wish I could have been there. Oh how we would have giggled. I want to go to Noodle House with you. :(

Avaelyn said...

And then go to Circuit Circus and play Bishi Bashi and Guitar Freaks until I get carpal tunnel. YES! *pumps fist*

Blair said...

That doesn't sound like such a bad day. The flat at 1 AM must of sucked but if this was a sitcom and not real life I would have to say ben had it coming!

hehhe good post. BB

Kami Akai said...

Ohhh Carrie I found a better place, it's run by the same people who own the noodle house but the food is way more varied. And there is some spicy ones that make my taste buds burn sitting across the way, forget eating it.

Yeah it's been too long since Circuit Circus. No one will go with me and play Bishi Bashi or Guitar Freaks/Heroes. *Cry* :'(

And Blair no it really wasn't horrid but I regularly don't have a temper, nor get that tired, nor fight with employers so meh.

Ohhh and found that I picked up a huge nail on the highway. The hole in the tire was almost big enough for me to put my pinky in!