Sunday, April 01, 2007

wow it's been a two days...

Yay it's Sunday!
To tell truth I think I should stop driving or something. I know that things happen and it's not my fault but it seems like every vehicle that I thouch get's something broken with it soon after.

But it's something that one has to laugh or cry or just kick something. I did all three. But not in that order.

Let me see. I went to work on Saturday with the minivan (yes it is the same one that I ripped the nose off of in grade 12) since I have yet to get new tires on Yub. (Whoes spare tire is now flat. Totally flat. Stupid thing. It dies.) And not willing to get another set at full Canadian Tire price. This week there is a sale so new tires for the front and let the ones on the front to go on the back and get burned off. Either way the tires will be burned off in about 10-15,000 km which is all I'm hoping for for the rest of the life of the car.

Anyways, I got there and it gives its normal puff or antifreeze smoke. No problem, it has been giving off small whiffs of smoke/steam for a long while. I just always hope that there isn't a cop around that will be looking at the nose of the van too closly and pull me over. Nevermind. But of course, at night, I was tooting along going towards Superstore and had to stop at the many lights in Spruce Grove. Billows of smokes comes out from under the hood. WTF? I turn around and race back to where I work and park it. But before then it stalled a few times. Wow. That sucks. So get it to work and it stalled just as I pulled up into a stall.

Ben was freaking, he never saw me mad at a vechicle, thought I was going to blow the engine, and generally wanted to be out of the van. I was almost willing to do it for him. Realize I never said anything about stopping.

So another car to dad, at least this one isn't at 1 a.m., telling of another car in need of rescue. I looked over the engine and laughed. I didn't know what I was looking for, especially when the back part of the engine is soaked and the front dry, the hood dripping with green ooze. It's something off a horror movie, but at least I'm not on some deserted back road. Then I kicked the van's bumper. (Who can blame me I was pissed.) Then I almost cried. I kicked it with my bad foot. I paid with that blast of anger with a bad throb in my foot for the rest of the night.

Well end in end, the engine isn't toasted, even though there wasn't any antifreeze or liquid in it at all when we went to get it. Took two antifreeze jugs of half mix and water to fill it, plus a little more. The whole case of a problem was that the hose running from the engine to the back towards the firewall. It was spraying it all over the engine, so that it burned off, and with movement it billowed under the car, but once stopped it flooded out of under the hood.

Five inches of hose. Causes a lot of trouble.

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