Friday, April 20, 2007

To be completly truthful.

I've been trying to think up a post all week but it is difficult to do so when all one does is work, eat and sleep with frequent bathroom breaks in between. I want to have a little more freedom that I once had a few months ago, but knowing me that would mean that I would be sleeping in and not doing anything exciting anyways due to the fact that I would be trying not to spend money. Which I'm happy to report that my total debt has gone down by a whooping 10%! I'm trying to keep afloat and pay everything off, which makes for a boring lifestyle. It's difficult to stay under the radar of using credit cards or whatever cash I have when fuel is so stupidly high. There is no reason for it being so high! The crude is low and the demand stabilized, none of the plants are under repair, natural disaster or other factor. After filling two tanks of gas and forking over more that $140 I turn to my mom and say "I think I need a third or fourth job." However that is a nasty cycle, due to the fact that we (my mom and I) are car pooling and if I had to get yet another job or two I would have to drive my own car and that means spending twice as much on fuel. No matter what they say it isn't a booming economy for a lot of people.

And now they are thinking of putting a percentage tax on sellers of homes. What type of crap is that? It's a money grab for the government. They say it is to help pay for the increase of building for the city. Sounds nice for those who are ignorant. Really the developers pay the city for a lot of the stuff they want for a subdivision, ex. power, roads etc. and some developers pass what they pay into the price of the property when they sell it. Therefore there is more tax payers whoes roads/sewers/whatever else the city pays for are new and not in need for repair. The general base tax they the "new" taxpayers pay should be increasing the funds without overly drawing that much off the tax pool, except for maybe in snow removal *LOL* but if it is like this winter the subdivisions were done as a in-between job for the plows before the next snowfall to do the major roadways. The arguement is that B.C. (sapposably) has the tax on selling a home. And if B.C. jumped off the cliff will you do so as well Alberta? I could understand if the city wants to make more money off the real estate industry but if they do they shouldn't be able to declare that it will be a percentage of a home's sale price that is too much. In my opinion it would be more fair for everyone if there was a flat rate, say $500/transaction. Therefore people could better prepare themselves for it and it wouldn't be such a huge chunk. Say even if the percentage was 1%. On a $400,000 home that tax would be $4000. It's not as if the average person is really making huge on this market, due to the fact that they still have to live SOMEWHERE and everywhere else isn't much cheaper in this area. So one has to spend what they get for their home, and sometimes even MORE, to get another home. *sigh* that is depressing.

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