Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anime Convention Information

This post is for Mel whom I don't know how much information she wants.
To tell truth the NEXT convention is this weekend, where is another story.
Here are the places and dates and names of the CANADIAN anime conventions that I could find.

Otafest - University of Calgary - Calgary - May 19, 20

Anime North - Toronto - Double Tree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto Congress Centre, Renaissance Toronto Airport Hotel (Huge Ass Convention) - May 25-27

Northern Anime Festival - Durham College Oshawa, Ontario - July 14-15

Ai-Kon - Winnipeg Convention Centre - July 27-29

Garden City Anime Festival - Sadly Cancelled again *sniffle*

Otakuthon - Concordia University - Montreal Quebec - August 4&5

Animethon - Grant MacEwan, City Centre, Edmonton - August 10-12

Anime Evolution - Simon Fraser University, Burnaby (Vancouver) B.C. - August 17-19

Ones that have already passed:
Animaritime - New Brunswick (Location sometimes change - Feb
Kei-Kon - Victoria B.C.
Toronto Anime Con
Nishikaze - Lethbridge, A.B.

Now realize that these are the ones that are in the field of being an actual con. These ones also breed other ones in the area, usually held by small groups. I know that there were flyers handed out at Animethon last year for various ones held on the west end, St. Albert and Sherwood Park, however these "cons" are limited to a few people usually within or under the 1000 mark, with some only having two viewing rooms. I know that the people who hold Otafest in Calgary usually have other anime/Japanese events planned throughout the year. If you are one to travel however, the con run in the states is huge and *almost* weekly.

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