Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beware of the crazies living in your underwear drawer.

I don't know about myself and my choice of titles. Actually I thought of that saying yesterday as I was filing papers and it snaked into my mind. It made me laugh.

Is anyone into heroes? Yayness for me for catching the last half of the show on Monday, it makes me interested in what they are going to proceed with the rest of the series. Is it true that they do not save the world? Or is Hiro going to be able to change fate? Verra exciting and I can't wait to catch the rest of the season *if* I can remind myself that it's on and *if* Global decides to play it in order. I'm now on the semi hunt for the first season box set due to the fact that it is one that in my opinion should be devoted time and effort into watching it in a solid run. And maybe I can get Ben into it, because at the moment he has no interest in watching what he calls "junk". Okay Heroes fans go ahead cream him, I will hold someones hair back so they can pummel him without eatting hair.

House is my major show. I was shocked yesterday when someone finally DIED! Usually per episode they try to kill someone at least 2-3 times, especially apparent in the first season (which I still have yet to open my box set). That show I have yet to miss a show of, thanks to the fact that everyone in my house is hooked on it, even dad, and now I got Ben hooked too, so whenever I'm over there I can watch it on his PVR. Still have yet to convince him to record Heroes. *Lets the mob by for some much needed boyfriend squishing* I love my weekly dose of the cranky doctor, who growing fancy with porn is making me grin even now as I sit here. "There is a lot of porn on the internet, it doesn't download itself you know."

I now wonder what they will replace my Apprentice with. Now for those who are about to turn their sticks on me wait just one second. I really couldn't give two flying F***s about Trump. In my opinion he is a little skewed on his thinking but sometimes powerful people are like that. I'm not going to get into the hair thing and yes, Rosie your fat and ugly and glad that once again you are getting effectivly booted from the View. Anyways back to the task. I enjoyed watching that show for the fact that it always amazes me on what they have to do. The car washes, the selling of lemonade, tours, real estate, car sales, art. Either way it shows actually if someone really put their mind to it as well carry a bit of crisma they can get ahead in the world. It really motivates me, even though that motivation dies quickly I would probably buy the series if it came out on DVD for the sole reason for picking up on the ideas and the motivation that these people are really pushing for. Hell it might get me motivated enough to get a bunch of people together and do one of those crazy stunts, like the car wash.

To tell truth past those shows I watch only the Simpsons and Family Guy on a regular basis. I'm so pressed for time that its hard to find the energy to watch tele. That sounds stupid but it is true. Having nothing but peasant television makes it painful to watch all the idiotic shows out there. Also with most shows now being series instead of stand alone shows, they need more divotion to the show than I have interest in showing. Really I'm not into dramas and eventually mysteries drop my interest. There is so few shows out there that I'm interested in anymore I think I can almost drop my tv viewing habit for good. That is, of course, if a really interesting show comes up.


Mel said...

Jen, I have a favor and a qestion to ask you. Where did you go to have your costumes coustom made? and what was the price range? I am thinking of getting my brides maid dress custom made cuz all the ones I have seen are ugly. Also, do you know when the next anamie convention is? I need help! Please...

Kami Akai said...

Okay Mel it's all in my next post.