Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't trust people who can't draw just to look.

It's true. I had the other day I was waiting for Ben with a friend of his and as I am prone to do, I doodled, but this time the doodle had evolued into something I was starting to have a bit of pride into. When he goes "Let me see." Okay I can fix minor hand dragging, especially since it was not completed and even though it was done on soft paper. Fine. But the one thing that cannot be fixed easily is a hard drawn line in a wrong place. What did he do to my horror. "He grabbed a pencil that was laying on the table and went and drew hair in a dark line and said it was a ponytail with a scrunchie. Between the desire to cry and the desire to push him out of his wheelchair and take off with it, leaving him in a useless pile, I took an eraser and erased at the heavy mess.

Nonetheless I couldn't get all of it out and therefore she has a mountain comming out of her head.

Oh yeah feel the crappiness. I like it but not. I really wish that I had more than a crappy automatic pencil with me or at least a 8B and a 9H as well. Just shows that I will need to pack a little heavier to actually get all the effects I want out of drawing.

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