Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Goodness! It's Weekly!

For those who like to know the weather is acting very Albertan.

For those who don't know what that means that means that the weather changes every ten minutes or so. However this time I realized that the weather is working on weekly patterns. Thank you the ability to record weather patterns via blogger. Mwa ha ha ha.

If you haven't guessed it freaking snowing again.

It was almost green yesterday and now it is white.

The people on the radio (the bear) (the only station that come in on the minivan's radio) were addressing folks to come down to the pub to drink away the weather. Sorry. I'd be too drunk by the time the system passed over that there will be no way I'm driving in the sunlight. Okay that made no sence.

Oh talking about weekly things I know I don't have Chapter 14 posted. I was going to add something special but the computer crashed with me no saving it, so with my inner child having a temper tantrum I wouldn't be posting anything this week. As if that really matters to anyone anyways.

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