Monday, April 23, 2007

A bit of time before I really should do something more constructive

Good Monday.
Once again it is the quiet time before I have to start actually putting my talents up to use.
Some days I think I must have a black shadow running in front of me making events move in strange ways. Don't get me wrong, work-wise I'm happy, tired, but happy. But while going through the local classifieds I noticed the first place I worked at as a graphic designer is hiring. I was asked if I was going to trade jobs once more and go back to that place. Sorry, no.
It's not as if I haven't traded crappy job for another crappy job but I had to keep my head low. Here I have stability. Many people in this job market would be searching and heading out for the high paying jobs that are seemingly just around the corner. Not myself. Not at this moment in time. This has been the highest I ever have gotten paid and I'm not breaking my back to gain this money. As well as the fact that I'm not completly burnt my day that I can't do some other project or work on the later hours of the day. Over at the other job the owners were talking that they wanted to sell the shop when they turned 65. If they stick to that schedule then the shop shall close in 2-3 years. Frankly I want to stay somewhere for at least 2 years and not think twice if I have to look for a job. It is at my own convenience.
Scary enough I don't think I'll see enough time to look for another job anyways. With working six days a week I'm wondering how I'm going to see the doctor, resign my realtors licence or even do my taxes. Sometimes I amaze myself that I can keep up with my chapter release timing some weeks, as the books of badly hand-written notes are starting to take over my desk, as well as the normal bills and outgoing mail that was sapposed to go out around Christmas. ((Sorry about that, you know who you are when you recieve them in the mail around November))

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