Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Goodness Me Goodness My Long Post Ahead

Yep it's another day in which there is almost nothing to do at work. I'm getting tired of these days. I'm getting tired in general. But that is beside the point
Sunday was the best. Thanks Carrie and Mel!
Speaking of which there was some interesting things I found on my shopping trips for the multiple baby and wedding showers I have been going to on an ongoing basis. In the end, I usually spend too much and find things that if I won the lotto I would have to equip both friends and family with:

1. CD Wallpaper. These pockets can be hung off a wall using reinforced grommets in which one could put up to 24 CDs in and comes in blue or grey tones. Seeing how colorful CDs are coming out now I thought that after the DVDs go underway to do this with my anime collection and see how much moneyI truely spent on that addiction.

Also comes in one that will hold the whole case for DVD/Video games as well.

2. Personal Cubical Air Conditioner. Now true enough if I was fabulously rich I wouldn't have to get one of these but I just may do so lately just to put into my room, car or anywhere else, both battery and plug in power makes it uber useful especially for one like myself.

3. Mini water dispensors. I saw it even in hello kitty! They look like the bigger water dispensors but can fit onto a desk. Useful no. Interesting yes.

4. Knife Holder. Kim and I saw this and nearly died laughing. I would own one and so would everyone I know. I don't think for me it would ever get old. But I probably want it in silver or black. More classy colors.5. UV Disinfectant Wand. I don't know if it really works or not, but the concept makes it a worth try, especially when travelling. Never touch the remote, never touch the remote, never touch the remote.

6. Message Clocks. The ones that you see in the malls that tell customers the time and other information that was programmed into them. Fun and dangerous, just what every household needs.

7. Lightalk. Program messages, or even with the newer ones, images and when you wave it around it appears in the air. Ultra Kewl.

8. This Plant. I hate plants. No matter what I forget about them and they die and it makes me want to cry. This plant however is no concern for that. One can forget about it, til it becomes a dried husk, and then when it is found again, watered, then it sapposably comes back to a green plant. We need to breed this feature back into more plants if this is true.
9. Fake Book covers. These are just for fun and really could hide anything from textbooks to porn. Naughty.10. Pocket Catus. It's funny. It's small and I think it's a hoot. Not like the hooters type of hoot but almost.And like the plant in before mentioned this plant doesn't need water much and unlike the other one this one is completly portible, someone could have it as a cell phone charm. True true!There is 10 items. I will find more and post it up. Ha you suckers now you want your own stabby guy knife holder or portable catus.
fun. ^-^

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