Friday, May 25, 2007

Sorry for the late post

Once again sorry. Since I haven't told many that know me, unless they have called within the last week, but YUB is no more.
In other words I have been involved in a car accident, and as for me I have been a little worse for wear.

I am now very glad for going back into typing lessons and probably so are you, dear reader, for I am now typing with my eyes either fully shut or half closed. If I had not probably it would be far worse than it is now. As for my injuries I have a pinched nerve in my back, which is causing phantom pains through my knees and ankles as well as weakness. It's weird. It's almost like having a gremlin attack random areas, well, randomly. Sometimes it's okay. Others I just want to curl up under my rock and wish the world away. Usually at those times I take my tylonol and hide. But the worse part of all is my vision. I can't read screens which i swhy my eyes are closed, as well that I cannot read text either. So unless it's flashy cartoon I can't watch television, can't read anything (kinda) so I might as well sleep. I still haven't gotten to the impound to get my personal items from the car and have been running around with doctor appointments and such. This sucks. Royally.

Anyways I have to go to an eye specialist because I'm losing color vision in one eye and he can't get it to see 20-20. Sucks major assness. So now I am back to work and trying my best, but barely can see and it's taking me forever to do anything. That's okay though. At least I can help, which sometimes makes the difference between going home at 6pm or going home at 9pm.

Update on everything laters and when I can see I'll type out what exactly happened.


Blair said...

My eyes are watering just reading that. Eat miso and oranges! Get well soon!!

Kami Akai said...

Awww thanks Blair. I just so happen to have an orange with me today so all good!