Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TMNT and the accident...

Sorry no I'm not 100% yet in nothing.
I have found that wearing an eye patch makes me able to work and read the screen again. It's strange because the one eye is getting strained and sometimes things lose their depth perception but meh.

Anyways I saw TMNT. Sorry Carrie but it WAS in the cheap theatre. I saw it on the night of my accident so no I'm not well to go see movies, quite yet.

TMNT was actually pretty good. Contrary to what the critics said about it I really enjoyed 95% of it. (The humans were uber skinny; April had scary huge eyes). The story line was good and the CGI was actually tolerable. It pleases me.
I think it was the fact that the producers were aware that this was aa cartoon and tried not to get too "human" in the characters. A lot of CGI's try to break the borders of fake and real and fail miserably on the storyline or in the recreation of the CGI.
Breaking away, this movie isn't the cutsey turtles that I have grown up with but on the other hand it looks as if those days are dead. So are the people in costume. Funny I thought that with better makeup and costume making techniques that the art would expand. Sadly the art of puppeteering has died with the muppets, and with them the art of making the suits.
I must admit that I don't like the new cartoons of TMNT on the tele, due to the fact that everything is dark, and the turtle have no iris' or pupils to speak of so they look like the bad guys. Evilness. In the movie they introduce this concept back. The turtles have eyes! Not hugly scary evil do gooders. Back to green turle goodness, mixed with a bit of surprises. *I'm really horrible at this*
I recommend this to Turtle fans, and those who don't mind an action -based movie aimed at a younger age group.

Okay accident time.

We left the movie at WEM and drove out of the HMV parking to that green turning light on 178th. It was a red light and we had to wait for the green flasher. When the lights changeda minivan almost ran the red light and so I waited for him to back up behind the line and clear the intersection. When he was stopped I began to pull out slowly into traffic and that's when this little grey focus came and hit the front nose of my big ol' boat, which caused her to go and spin out onto the curb, near the traffic light post. She says that she saw neither me nor the red light. I think the first is unlikely though. If she didn't see me then the two cars would've hit nose to nose and that would've been nasty. Where her car was damaged was in the rear axle. The thing looked totally bent, if not broken, but otherwise the damage to the car itself looked like she might've hit a curb.
My car, if the engine wasn't squealing and clunking and would start again, and if the nose wasn't twisted, probably would've drove away. ie if she was driving a little slower when she hit me I might've had a car right now, albet one that needs some serious repairs. As of now I don't know if they are going to write the car off or try to fix it. Considering the age, probably gonna write it off. Bummer is that I just did a few repairs to make it drive sweet for the rest of the year. We were even tossing it up if we were going to drive out to the wedding in it. (It wouldn't be a toss up if it was getting done on the mainland, the stupid ferry holds everything back).
As for me I now am going in for a CAT scan, Optimologist and Specialist for my eye to see what actually happened. For now I have to wear a patch in which I'm glad 3M has made eye bandaids that are okay to wear for comfort. Pain in the ass that I actually have to wear one though. Physio for my back. I'm pretty sure that it will heal, but it may take some time. All I can say is yay for tylonol 3s. Boo for bad eyes cause I couldn't even watch House last night *cry*


Andrea said...

Arrr Matey. Glad you found a temporary solution to your problem.

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