Monday, May 14, 2007

Watch out the evilness is comming onto video.

Meet Pan's Labyrinth. Perhaps the most disturbing pictures I have found up to date. I now post this warning; DO NOT WATCH!!! Oh yes Spoilers ahead, for those who still wish to watch this.

1. This thing is rated 14A. Now I've seen a bunch of 14A movies in my lifetime and none of them has shaken me to the core as this one had.

2. They have previews of this movie as a cutesy fairy tale that will open your imagination as much as other grand movies like Narnia or Spirited away (both in which it was compared to), but it is a LIE! For one thing Narnia didn't have in any of it's scenes a guy getting his face pounded in by another guy with a wine bottle! Spirited Away has the safety blanket of being a cartoon and in such has the security that no matter what there is no way that the imagination will run away. Pans also had, blood drop by blood drop, more blood than 80% of the action animes. That is saying something when there is usually rivers of blood flowing from wounds or noses of the caracters. Narnia had beatings but really no major blood scenes within it.

3. The reviews LIE. Most of the reviews give it a high recommidation. OMG Bibble. Almost simular to #1, did these guys actually watch this from a standpoint of someone who is looking forewards to a fairytale in which everything ends well, not that everything ends well because the main character DIES. Sorry spoiler.

4. Uber creepy fawn thing.

The faun gives Ofelia the Book of Crossroads, which explains her tasks.

5. Super Uber Creepy Kid Eatting thing, that bit off the head of the creepy looking faeries, and had his eyes in his hands and the skin coming off of his body. If you are really interested in knowing what the hell I'm talking about then go to the official site of Pans and he is right there on the main page.

6. The officier man who is another main character is a sadistic bastard. He was the one who beat a boy to death by smashing his face in with a wine bottle in the first few opening scenes. He beat a person who stuttered to the point that it was difficult to really recognize the character in the end. Also there was some other traits that I really didn't understand with him, perhaps it was a wall that I put up against him or the fact that he was mean and meaner as the movie progressed. I donno. He got his just desserts. Bloody Bastard.

7. Over use of violence. I don't like violent movies. A fist fight, fine. A big battle that is fantasized, great. But there is a certain type of violence that chills me, the violence of one person to another when they have no means of fighting back, or no distinction of who is evil and wrong is there. Once I found out that this movie had an air of a war flick I settled into the violence of a war flick. The people shooting other people I had to problem with and thankfully they didn't go into much detail there. However the tortures of people who were prisioners, the man mentioned in 6, getting his mouth torn open, the amputation of a gangurine infested leg (yes they even had the flesh eaten away)

8. Length. Holy geek of freak. This was a beyond waste of time. For the seemingly 3 hours of horror (really I would've watched Dawn of the Dead three times than this for the inner horror) it dragged in some parts, which if I wasn't so intent in watchign the end I would've fallen asleep, which I should've to save myself from what was going to happen next.

9. Subtitles. Now true for a lot of stuff being lost in translation, it takes a lot to read all of the words for such a long movie gives the eyes strain. The longest time previously that I have read subs were at Animethon but there was the time of going from one room to another, and animes are only an hour 45 long most times anyways.

Now to say I'm the only one who can say that this movie was BEYOND disturbing is a travisty. I've talked to other people and there has been a few who say that it is a good movie, especially if you edit out some of the scenes. Others are so shaken that the mention of this movie brings shivers and appologies of not warning others about this movie.

However I do want to point out some of the things I did like about this movie, just so that it's not one sided.

1. The visual effects are top notch. The praying matis that changed into a faerie was beyond good, and even though I'll forever go on about the creepiness of both the faun and the pale man (kid and faerie eatter) the make-up on the actor was supreme.

Ivana Baquero with one of the magical characters

2. The film stayed true to itself. There was no savior to the girl, who had to work for herself throughout the whole movie.

3. I have heard of some of the fairytales in this movie and it was strung together magnificantly. I don't know if the screenwriter really realized that it was going to be recognizable for some of the more, lesser known tales, or if he was going to say that he wrote them all from scratch -_- but either way the writing was solid and refreshing from the over done tales.

4. The whole score was built completely around a simple lullaby tune.

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Andrea said...

Was a good movie but could have used a bit more fantasy elements in it to balance out all of the scenes about the war.