Thursday, May 10, 2007

Still Sick...Blarg.

To tell truth I will probably be repeating titles from this point on unless I get over this cold and get over the fact that I'm still dead ass tired.
Either way I finally got to be able to do some exercise yayness! I'm still not cleared for the four hour DDR Max marathon but I think I can handle up to 2 km bike daily. I know that is what really only 2 minutes worth but it will be better than not being able to do anything at all. Also I finally got meself a wii. yes there are people I still haven't told, so I'm saying it here. Already after initial set-up and ten hours of play I have officially got wii-itis. The condition in which I no longer can pick up my arms, and my forearms are screaming, but it still doesn't quwell the competitive nature within me and beat the crap outta Kim in tennis. It does, however affect my bowling ability so I was easily beaten. Thankfully Mother-dearest never had the inkling to let go of the controller, but sometimes lacked the ability to let go of a button without hitting a few others. LOL
Ahh good times, unfortunatly it made me go into a coughing spree so bad that my chest hurt. So very little sleep for me last night and having another "Jen is dead at work" day. Bah. Snoozy.

On another note does anyone know which movie has the line "Oh, 'Suse?" Okay that looks dumb but meh.

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