Friday, June 15, 2007


I think I have fallen behind everyone else in the coolness rating. While people are lining up for tickets to linken park or Bon Jovi I'm saving my pennies up for this:

Now don't get me wrong if the Bon Jovi tickets were a hell of a lot cheaper I would go, unfortunatly I really don't have anyone to go with anyways.
But this Dinosaur thing I was bouncing in my chair when I heard about it. It's kinda sad really but it's something that really captures my attention. Meanwhile others around me sigh and hang their heads, dealing with a 23 year old child who wants to see the big dinos. No one wants to take me to museums for they will be stuck in the prehistoric rooms for a few hours and the rest of modern times will be skipped in a quick precession. But with the costs for everything and still looking for a replacement vechile it seems like my dream of seeing this will be out the door. *Cry*
Meanwhile I've been playing T-Rex at home which is entertaining on itself.
I think I'm going crazy.


Avaelyn said...

OOoooooooh. I love the dinosaurs. I would go with you. It would be a super fun time. YAY TACOS!

Andrea said...

I would love to go see the dinosaurs!

Kami Akai said...

Yeah too bad both of you guys are so far away or it would be a super large group of us going. Hey Group discount!