Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Douchebag, Am I a Douchebag?

To: Worldly Douchebags
From: One possibly joining your ranks
Date: September (late)
Re: Am I a Douchebag?

Dear Douchebag:

Driving along yesterday I came across an accident on the road coming from school. I immediately entered the lane that was needed in order to avoid the accident and since there was no one behind me, I refrained from cutting anyone off. I did signal and moved promptly when everything is clear. However I am one of those people who do not let people in front of me if they zoomed past me only to try to cut line further up. If someone was in front of me and signaled I usually let them in, but am I a douchebag for not letting one of these people who passed me butt in in line?
This matter concerns me. I usually make comment about people doing stupid things on the roadways and otherwise, however, not allowing the curtesy of allowing those who pass myself not to enter the line may in fact be classed as douchebag behavior. I will allow the readers to have their opinion on this matter.
Kami Akai.

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