Thursday, October 07, 2010

'Twas week before Bellrose

"Twas a week before Bellrose,
Not a creature was stressing, not even a Jen,
The sewing machine was abandoned with zen,
In hopes that it will work better then most men.

The drawings were heated with laminate,
Some have things we just have ate,
And Kim with out a computer,
Has decided to make nothing more.

When the week shall end,
There will be some injuries to mend,
But bandaids will be plenty,
Until we need any.

And there shall be smiling,
Unless Jen's dying,
Then she'll be going "Mine!"
To the next comic of "Princess of Time"

And there will be stupid artists
That their float will be a miss
And ask poor Jen
For the change for a yen

It will be no fun
Until the next Mon
Then she will declare
Next year I shall be there!

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