Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Feature! Dear Douchebag:

To: All the Douchebags of the world
From: Me.
Date: Sometime today
Re: Youuuuu piss me off!

Dear Douchebag:
This is a formal notice to those people who decided that they will have the gawl to piss me off. All of those who I have decided to rant about I have to write a formal letter to each of the stupid people who decide that for whatever reason made me mad for that day.

So Douchebags beware. I am watching...and writing.

Kami Akai


King Ashura said...

Someone must've reeeeally upset you today...o_o
I hope everything turns out okay. Hang in there!! ^_^

And even though you're probably upset about whatever it is that happened...I still have to say that this post was funny. lol

Kami Akai said...

Not really but this way I can rant about stupid people in a formal way so that it tells the reader what I'm ranting about this time.