Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year, New Wrap-Up!

Well Happy New Year! This is the first time I have done something like this but I think it is time that I try to do something more creative with the end of year report. Also there was a lot of requests for pictures and I would like to try to comply with everyone who commented that this blog is very impersonal and doesn't have very many pictures therefore makes it more like a diary than a blog. Even though many people think that their blogs should be equatable to an online diary.

Either way sorry I am going to shove all the pictures onto one blog post and make this into one massive post.

Alright here we go...

My sister is afraid of robotic toys. I find it funny and even though it was given to her on Christmas 2008 we tormented her with it until it started to get clogged with hair and no longer moved. Also the sounds that it made started to die.

I think she hid it into a dark forgotten corner so that I wouldn't take it apart and make it work again. ^^ I will find it to torment her once more.

For those who know (and those who don't) my birthday is in January and like every year I have to have my DQ icecream cake. If I have to go though the inconvenience of growing a year older at least I have some sort of comfort food for me.

And of course I made my boyfriend wear the bows from my gifts. Sooper sexy :P

Onto Spring. This year we didn't have a Snowfox due to the last accident that was a year previous, so there is no awesome pictures of our regular run but we went outside and made a snow begging cat with kitty worshipers. Yes I know I'm strange but they are sooo cute.

My sisters birthday. She is just awesome. She had to have the bolt cake that had a plastic dog and cat on it so we could play with them after the cake was eatten. Too bad that there is so many candles on it that you couldn't tell what was on the cake.

I found this on my way through one of my favorite food stores for not that much so I bought it and now I love the little metal boxes so much I really don't want to eat the candy. I'm horribad.

And of course there is a cake that I wanted to put on a different post but I couldn't get my camera to work...Now I'm too lazy to retype it all but it goes in the same ideas of "How to catch a Daddy Bear" ^^ Basically make a cake and keep it where one would catch the infamous daddy bear.

Construction Photos!
Now I have to explain that we built a shell of a house around a mobile home. For those who think this is a good idea should go out and shoot that idea at once. Burn it, bury it and for the love of everything sane burn it once more. This is the metal roof coming down off the top of the trailer.

More removal of walls.

We went to another wedding and I caught the bouchet again. I think this means something... I'm getting better at catching stuff!

Ornate Cake Indeed! But I want to know why do they cover a yummy cake with chewy icing? I mean most of the wedding cakes I have had over the last six years all were chewy on top of yummy, very bad combination.

Foxy comes to town! We had a family of foxes that made our front yard their playground! This little guy came to raid our cat food dish at least once a day and had very little fear of us. However our cat Snookums would chase those foxes out of the yard whenever she had the chance. It was a very entertaining summer for wildlife versus cat.

And I cut my hair. It was this long and unfortunately the hair stylist didn't do a good job and messed up the hair lengths so I couldn't donate it nor use it for making hair pieces. I was pissed.

Animethon! Yay!

We went out on Friday and came home to no kitchen. So we slunk back to Animethon asap!

There was yet another Wedding this time it was September. Boyfriend and I went to Jasper to watch one of his cousins get married. It would've been a better time except that the elevation gave my joints a lot of trouble and in the end I thought that it was a waste of time and money but it was a beautiful wedding. AND this time I didn't catch the bouquet. If I had then I'm not sure what we would have to do... ^////^

Wired with Dew! A special picture for dee-chan off of AD...

A picture with the new couple, a crossing deer that we were only a few meters away from and a closing scene of the mountains as we drove out of the park.

As most people on AD knows I did a project on how to make comics for my english class. I have to admit that there is a lot of sketch books in my possession and a lot of them are full of half drawn pictures. There is one that doesn't have any use yet but that is okay. I will get to them soon.

Which now brings me to halloween. Yes I went trick or treating because its way too fun, especially since we make it into a full contact sport! For one I was the one that came home uninjured. Also I carved this awesome Pikachu pumpkin. It was the first time at trying to peel off the skin and I may do it again but definely I have to go deeper and make him glow even better.

Around Christmas I began to make some earrings for all of the family and co-worker gifts that I had to take care of. Being a student with no money sucks major time. I think I may register the name and make a company that makes jewellery on my spare time. However I'm not sure since the innitial yayness has already faded and no one makes any comments on my asking if I should continue to do so.

And finally the last word, on new years eve I took a picture of the forest of 2X4s that line the walls of the new bathroom to demonstrate that if my dad thinks something should only take a few months that one should add a year to the projects.

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King Ashura said...

This was a lot of fun, Kami! Thanks for sharing all these pictures and little stories! Love the snow fox or was it a cat? I've never tried that, and it seems we might just not be able to. Ontario doesn't seem to like snow anymore - we haven't had real snow (or a snow storm) since Winter began...-_-

I love the earrings you made. Very pretty and it's amazing that they're handmade. o.o

Would love to see your sketches. ^^

Hope you're doing well, and good luck with school! ^_^