Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is a rant posting...Nothing really important.

Well it's the first week of school. Out of the 32 students that we started out with at the beginning of year one, we are down to a whopping 17 people. Now it may be that since it wasn't actually September that some would Skip the first week, or since the school didn't send out it's paperwork that they were unaware, or the fact that if you are on the Government Works program, you still have yet to see a cheque for books, tuition or living allowances. I fall into the last criteria. So here I am trying to stretch every penny and make it until that day in which I KNOW that I have money, but the car needs fuel and occasionally I like having a lunch not made of sandwiches.

Talking about sandwiches we now have an oven. Two weeks without one made our house go through a lot of bread and peanut butter.

The floor is almost replaced and we have an enclosed bathroom now...Laundry room has been sheeted and mudded and painted with primer. Nothing is finished however. The laundry room has an unfinished wall in which will remain unfinished until the shower in the main bathroom is installed.

I found out that my car door does indeed lock, but it's on the outside...with a key. It took another runner on us the other day. Dad moved it but failed to put it fully in gear, so it popped out and went down the driveway. Thankfully the railroad ties that we line our driveway with stopped it because it was on a b-line towards a tree. Also thankfully it didn't hit the heavy machinery that it was parked near. The bad news is that it totaled my muffler. Stupid car.

I have been made Treasurer of my class as well. Not sure of what it all entails but I know that I have to plan out the end of year gala. Not sure what to do yet, but I want it enjoyable for everybody...Non-drinkers included.

As for the other things in life, haven't seen much of friends, of either gender. Have another con that I have to get ready for but I have no motivation. Haven't had motivation to do much of anything really. Probably why I haven't seen much of my friends. And haven't been able to make up another comic page, even though it's scanned in, most of the text is inserted, just got to make the panel breaks. I have taken out most of my research material for my English class but haven't really gone through them much other than referencing. Even with that it took me three hours to reference six books and two web-sites. Hells, even writing has become a bore. I have three different stories that require attention but I'm letting the characters wait, but some of them will evade me if I leave them too long. Perhaps I'm depressed, perhaps I'm in a slump, perhaps it's just seems like I'm falling further and further behind the pack of life...Either way its what it is. Whatever it is.

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