Friday, September 28, 2007

The boredum of blogger

With every craze out there it has its hayday then gets thrown to the dogs. It seems like the people I used to follow their blogs to find out their everyday lives have posted less and less and even one of the links no longer work. With the multiple interactiveness of facebook it is hard to imagine that something so text heavy like blogger has a chance. Some people may not like the simpleness of pure text and pictures, but it is easily pulled by the multitude of apps like Warbook, Pirates, (fluff)Friends, Ilike and more. Also it seems easier to find people of past and present in order to make more interaction in the day to day lives.
Of course I really cannot say much on that for this own blog may be one of the most simplest, boring blogs out there, visually speaking, and in some ways intellectually speaking as well. It's not as if I'm highly educated and debate physics, economics or other subjects in a precise manner that makes this a blog of interest with multiple hits per day with readers all over the world. Unfortunately all my readers are pretty much repeats or ones that accidentally click here and never return.
Oh well I'm blathering again.

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