Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay, I'm sorry about leaving everyone in the dark since the first of November 1.

November - A crazy month...NaNoWriMo had came and I won it again for yet another rewrite of Twin Earth. This year I am going to go with the opportunity to gain a editorial copy of the novel. Yay me!
Also to go with this month was the crunch time for the English reports, speeches and other assignments. And then there is the other classes demanding of my time as well.

December - Finals and Christmas...That's about it. Got one of my wisdom teeth pulled right after finals but it still hasn't healed as of yet...Might've given myself dry socket during the night after but with the meds I'm on I don't feel pain like I did before, but the healing time kinda dictates that I did.

January - New semester, new hassles, new weather. I don't like new semesters. Never had. The one good thing about this semester is that there is only two early days. Bad side: no early days. Period.
Also I am now becoming a vendor for A Taste of Animethon next month. Don't think that this is an easy task. I have been playing email tag since the beginning of the month and just today got kinda got confirmation that I might have a booth. Dumb Asses.
The weather has been retarded. So far this January we have had more than two feet of snow. We have only 16 more cm to go before we break the record in 1976....76?...79? Something like that. We have a backhoe and a fair mount of land but when the snow is just short of hip deep there is only so many places where you can push the snow. In town it's crazy! Snow is overtop of cars and it's sometimes a guesswork to get out of some parking lots. Thankfully my school is on a major route and the snow is cleared with a good speed.

Anyways I have to get back to paying attention to class...

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