Monday, April 20, 2009

I blame the Library useage increases on my family...

Yay for Alberta! Most libraries have declared that they had double digit increases in usage and items getting taken out. This is reportedly the same across the country and like everything else it is blamed for the economy. Can it be that people don't want to pay for books that lay around in their homes. I can say the same thing. I have more than one bookcase that is stacked full of books that I will never read again (can't say that for my manga). So why not read them once, and let someone else read them? TY Libraries!

Truckers, drug dealers and animal carcases live here! I couldn't believe that the news delivered a news article like that. If it wasn't so gruesome I would've laughed myself silly. Who writes this article like this? What does Drug dealers have to do with Truckers? Unless one of them gets run over with a semi what does it matter in a neighborhood if there is a bunch of truckers living there? However if you put animal carcases in the mix with any of the above it makes one question: Did the animal get hit by a truck or drugged to death. Both still outlandishly to be reported on the evening news. On my way to work I see animal carcases on an almost daily routine. I just try not to hit them myself, and other than the unlucky ground squirrel I've been lucky. Animal die of overdose...I've heard of dogs digging up stashes and getting quite stoned so I can foresee this. I don't know why... Perhaps there is way too many dumbass dogs out there for this not to happen. In the end the truth was far from these two scenarios that I have presented. There was the bodies of two young male bucks were dumped with their bodies dismembered and their horns cut off. The police think that they were killed in the hunting season and then frozen and dumped at that area. -_- People are dumb.

Talking about animals, whenever there is one that wonders into the city that seems to make it newsworthy. You wonder where in the world we all matter to it when a murder story involving a young person takes less time than a young female moose running around the suburbs and needing police to control it. It's as if no one ever saw a moose in their lives before. Darn soft news.

As for stupid dumb people I am hating people around construction zones. Mainly those who speed up to the point and cut me off. I think that people should start being less considerate to those people. Especially those who had sat in traffic patiently and get to be later and later because of some dumb ass person in a hyped up honda civic that decided to speed up to the point that the road becomes squeezed into one lane and hops into the line, making everyone slow up and take more time. I've once been reduced to a 20 km/hr in a 70 zone because of stupid people like that.

Oh well...The last thing of note: I'm even going more blind than I already am. I get to see the specialist again tomorrow and hopefully they get to have more of an opinion than "I don't know why it's doing that." Grrness.

And in other news I have posted Chapter 19 in Twin Earth and the Prelude in Wish Book. Enjoy the extra reads people!

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King Ashura said...

Interesting, interesting piece of news about the libraries. I use the Streetsville library a lot over here - don't know if this is happening here, too. Maybe I'm just not looking around as much as I used to... -_-

Even though I don't get to go out and drive as often as most people, I think I know what you mean. x_x It takes forever to get out of that sort of trafficky-mess. One can alays hope there is good music to distract you from the slow progression down the road. -_-

I hope you're doing great at school! ^^