Tuesday, April 28, 2009

*Chews On Desk With Furiousity*

There is a few things that I would like to mention at this moment in time. I hate the way visual minorities are shoved in our face and made out that they have never did anything wrong in their whole entire history! Call me a bigot but what people are doing out there is making me want to smack the next visual minority in the head. Not everybody has a black, Hispanic or Asian friend in their call list to hang out for a beer on a Friday night. And I know a person who rather not know any woman on this planet if he had the choice. So why the crap is it on EVERY FREAKING COMMERCIAL THAT LIFE IS LIKE THIS? Whether or not it is a food commercial or a phone commercial, there is the randomly inserted visual minority! Sometimes they sneak it on there with a black woman hiding out in the background or the white woman with the black guy, it is never really equal out there is it? If I was a white male actor for a commercial I have a lower chance of getting the part than someone who was a lot darker of skin, or French. I used to be not like this but as I have grown and watched from the sidelines this has become an issue. Has our own society gone to hell in thinking that we must always be so politically correct that we cannot refuse someone who is actually not qualified for a job, based on the fact that he is a visual minority? What happens if it goes the other way? What if there is a place that is ran by the visual minority and they hired a lone white guy. After a time the lone white guy is cut hours and such because he sticks out of the place like a sore thumb. What is the rules and protection for that guy? I don't think I have ran across that. Most of the laws protect the minority and in the long run it has segmented the country into pockets of people that live with their own kind. The borders have allowed people who cannot function properly in this society (Like a closet is a closet not a bathroom for gosh sakes, and no you can't plant potatoes in your living room floor when you live in an apartment) and kick out the people that could function in this society.
Why am I suddenly speaking out like this? Simple I am frustrated at the third story of white, western Europe people getting kicked out of the country when they have a steady home here, speak one or both our national languages, highly educated, benefits to our society while every SINGLE F-ING time I call a government agency or bank I cannot understand a word that they say. Hello person with an accent from a country that I cannot pronounce, you now live here. I speak English. Some of the other peoples speak French. Last I looked those were the basic requirements to be in this country speak one of two. If you want to have your language at home, fine. Congrats to you. But the next time I begin to speak a different language in front of you, don't criticize me of saying something offensive, when it really wasn't. Now you know how we feel.
Last but not least this was the most hilarious thing I ever heard, and it now makes me wonder about little old ladies with two coloured mitts on. A car went into repair one day and it was found to have red paint on the brake, green on the gas. Post it notes all across the dash, taped to the steering wheel. This isn't notes about to pick up eggs and milk and the doctors appointment at four, this was instructions on how to drive the car. If you need instructions posted all throughout the car to tell one how to drive said car, I think it's time to hand in the license. But here's the scary part; she didn't have one. Never had one. I can't tell how many of these people cruising around in cars that are registered and insured (or not) out there...But here's a point to consider; does the government?

For the government they have their own stack of woes, mainly paperwork. Even though the systems of the inner workings have been transfered to computerization the fact of the matter is that they like asking the same question over and over again like some old man with dementia. As if to snare you into a trap of letting you answer a question wrong once to make it their way at least once, so that they don't have to deal with you. Hello? People don't speak legalese. If we did then there wouldn't be any use for having lawyers anymore. Stupid politicians.


~avie~ said...

You know what is funny? I was watching an Olive Garden commercial just the other day and I thought... "Hmmm, one blonde, one brunette, one African-American, and one Asian person!" It was a very multi-cultural table at Olive Garden! ^^

King Ashura said...

Something strange happens to my eyes every time I read something on your blog; it's like I see funny colours for a while. o.o Is that strange? Is it just me? O_o

Silliness aside; that was an awesome thing you wrote. What I don't get is this: would you rather prefer they didn't make 'things' so multicultural? I'm just trying to understand your point of view, because it really was thought-provoking: are you saying that they should stick to one kind ethnic group and not mix in everybody as if their trying to make a point to society that everything is in fact, the same (equal) for everyone...?

And that was a sad story about the workshop car. We don't need people like those driving out there. Who knows what the story of the car owner is, but I'm sorry, I just have a fear of all these crazy, thoughtless drivers. People can get hurt...

Kami Akai said...

~avie~: That was what I'm talking about! It's just odd because I can't think of enough ethic people that I know of that would sit together at the same table. It's not that I don't have them, they just don't like each other.

King Ashura: The different colours you see have to do with how the vision and mind works...It's like looking at a black dot on white paper for a few minutes then looking at a clean sheet, you will see the shadow of the dot...I think it's normal O_O
As for the multiculturism issue it would be great if we all mixed in like the original idea had intended but you have the human nature effect that makes it so that people want to stay with their own features, and discriminate against those who don't fit within the peramitors of their thoughts. If this wasn't a norm then there wouldn't be sectors in the city named little italy or chinatown. I was suggesting that there should be some sort of common link - like language, that would make it easier for people to associate with one another. It might be just me, but it kinda unnerves me when going to a "worldly" restaurant and having the waitress that just served me talk to another in a language they know I don't understand. They could be just saying clean up table three, or something totally out of place for the workers, something they wouldn't say if they KNEW I could understand them. Knowing that it has happened to others just makes the thought even worse.

King Ashura said...

Ah, I see... ^^ Thanks for clearing that up, because I can totally understand and relate to that now. -_-
I guess when you're living in such a multicultural environment facing language issues like the one you described may seem wrong and all, but I doubt anyone thinks like that. And you're right, it's like human nature for people of the same ethnic group to stick together - it's probably evolutionary in some sense. Those who are able to treat each other equally, for whatever reason (like religion tells them to do so, or whatever) are really awesome in my eyes. That's like having a big heart, respecting everyone equally...

...And that was my rant of the day. :P

Kami Akai said...

I'm usually for multiculturalism I'm just not for shoving it in my face. If not it would be very hypocritical of me to go down to Chinatown and be threatened by old ladies that want a chunk of my hair (true story), or have a large anime collection ^^, or any of my other collections.

Also I like giggling the pot and seeing peoples reactions with controversial topics that people don't like to talk about.