Saturday, April 11, 2009

Playing with snow in a thunderstorm...

Yeah that was intense. Building a snowman in a middle of a thunderstorm. Only in Alberta! I wish our sled trail had survived it because I so wanted to say that I waz sledding in the rain, but since we didn't have a good base to it yet we never had a chance. It's amazing how quick of a melt that we are having. In a week we almost had all of our snow melted, and today we face a high of 13*C! Insane! Just to think a month ago we had -30*C weather.

Happy Easter to all! I'm not going to be online so I decided to say it early. I'm usually late for everything.

I've also came to announce the starting of yet another story blog, Wish Book. I have yet to post the first chapter but it will come quickly, I promise. But not this weekend...But before next weekend.

I have also a new job, but I think I will quit before I start. It is selling knives and unfortunatly it is to sell to your friends and family first and to be frank I don't think any of them need high quality knifeware in their lives at the moment. I think it will be a failure before it starts, so why try? *sigh*

I have also been accepted into school! Now I can go out and get further into debt for something that *MIGHT* help me in the future...I'm starting to get tired of these type of ventures. However, it will prove to me once again that I'm not too old to go to school and meet new people.


King Ashura said...

You're never too old to go out and meet new people, Kami! o_o

It's getting pretty warm here, too! Yay, finally feels like Spring, eh? ^^

I'm so glad to hear you've been accepted to a school - which one, though? I do hope you'll enjoy it. The debt thing is a bummer; tuition fees was always insane *sigh*; but hey, at least you get to HOPEFULLY have a good job at the end of it all. Keep us updated on how school is going and what you're studying and how you're liking it, eh.... :)

Kami Akai said...

I'm off to NAIT this fall. I haven't got a new job yet but still looking and still pretty positive at the end of the day. Right now I'm enjoying my time off as much as I can and get some other projects off my list, so it's all good. As for meeting new people I'm not good as a people person. I find it's hard to find ime to hang out with people so they stop calling.

As for Spring. It's being too retarded to not let us go. It's like a needy ex-lover. Sooner or later it will let us go. LOL.