Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things are being annoying....Again!

It's time for revenge of the annoying...
#1. Telus has been double billing us. The dumb butts were threatening to ruin my credit and we finally settled down to do our taxes and found out that there was an internet charge on the phone bill. So they've been charging two different bills for one service. Therefore we must complain to a real person in which is something I dislike doing. I'll complain online but when it actually comes to complaining to a person then I really hate doing it.

#2. Vehicles. That's it. It's done. The poor grey beast drove it's last trip. The starter has a problem that requires the removal of the transmission and that means that it's too much for me to do considering the cost of the car. I wouldn't drop a transmission on a vehicle that I really like I'm not doing it to one that I don't overly care for.

#3. Other peoples negative waves. This sounds so hippish but it's not that far from the truth. Lately I've seen so many negatives waves get thrown around that I'm soon going to be bringing out my hammer of supreme justice on people. That or at least a swift kick in the ass. I thrive for positive words and I try to push on trying to make it so that others hear positive things as well. That makes it difficult in todays world, where there is worldwide problems and everyone has to hear about them. Meanwhile everything that is going on with the world makes me more and more wanting to be a nationalist and say "F You!" to the rest of the world. To me that might cause some more problems as a worldwide trader but it might help the people in our own country.

#4. Now Hiring signs. There are so many Now Hiring signs all over the place but as soon as you drop off your resume the people say, "Oh we're not hiring right now." "It's been slow so we might not be hiring." It's one way or the other people! You either ARE hiring or NOT. There is no other way to look at it. Why should you have a "Now hiring" sign in the window if you're not hiring? Face the facts people! If you don't have a job take down the bloody sign, when there is a job there, put the sign back up. What is that going to cost you in the long run? A piece of paper and some tape. Not like the piss-me-off like having a sign for a position that isn't there.

#5. Internet applications. "Oh we are hiring but we cannot take your application here, you have to apply online." Oh how I want to smack the person who invented internet applications. No even worse than that, I want to put them through a meat grinder when they are still alive, cook the meat, feed it to pigs and then burn the pig waste. Maybe feed it to the pigs a second time. If they only knew how long it took for someone on dial-up to fill in an online application form they might've put the whole thing at least on one page, but no. The people have to split up the resume that it had to break everything down into tiny little pieces so that a 15 question application would take 2 1/2 hours to fill in. RAWR! The only promise that I wish Chrietian (Our last prime minister) stuck with is that everyone would have access to high speed internet, but no that wasn't a high priority. We had to have something like gun registry, which is the stupidist thing I have ever heard of. A person could build a gun with pipe and no register it. Also what type of criminal would commit a crime with a registered weapon. Also it's not as if the weapon had to have a bullet sent in so it's marked. Anyways....

#6. People saying they will do anything for the environment. Bull Crap! Here is a picture from last years inventory of the recycled cartridges:(Neat huh?) But this year we had only 1/5th of the cartridges of that of last year. I doubt that there is only 1/5th of the people printing out there. Also there has been a decrease in our output due to the fact that no one uses our services. I would also like to inform people that there is very few printers that have INCREASED their output in the last few years. More than a few have actually made the cartridges SMALLER even though their size hasn't decreased. Complicated isn't it? That's what the corporations want you to think. Many of the new printers come with half filled cartridges so you have to go out and buy another cartridge right away. Another thing the printer corporations love doing is give out large print capacities on the boxes of their cartridges but only base that on a 5% cover rate. That is a stupid amount because 5% isn't really much at all.

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