Friday, March 13, 2009

My Internet life has been getting pretty odd...

If anybody ever asks I never add anyone onto my MSN...So why is it that there is always about ten people who add me everyday? It's not as if I have given out my email addy in a long time either. I have had in the past someone add me to yell at me for being quicker than them to get the assigned email address but now it's just odd. On the one hand I want to block them all so that I wouldn't have to talk to them online, but in the end I add them for the fact that there are lots of people out there that know my email and I don't want to black anyone that I may have some association to, unless their name is in a different language.
This brings me to the point of the point. Where are they getting this info and what are they planning on doing with it? Is it mass terrorism of the masses? Probably not. I have lots of people MSNing me for a one night stand. Where on earth would they think that I'm even into that kind of thing? Sorry to inscribe a disturbing image into peoples minds but I'm not into that. Even so there is a message every two hours, like clockwork, asking me to click on this link so that I can "hook up" with a nearby single person. Give me a break.

On another note, anyone know of any RP chat sites? The one that I was chatting on forever has closed down permanently. I'm saddened by the fact, due to the mistake of a password and username I was unable to sign in to the site for about a year and I was able to sign in, just in time for it to shut down. It is difficult to find one in which people are satisfied with simple script and not something that has their own character running around on screen. An example of what I'm talking about would be WoW (And if you don't know what I'm talking about get back under that rock you're living under and die). Meanwhile the "old fashioned" chat rooms are dying out. Call me old school but that is what I'm used to and it was the newest fangled thing out there when I first came onto the internet. Dial-up was speedy then too. Wow I'm aging myself aren't I? Either way I'm depressed that I have to find another site, establish a persona and everything once more. I had a good set of people to RP with unfortunately with the invention of the new style of chatrooms, RL and "accidents" happening to their characters the room died and now is gone.

The last thing that I am tired of is that whenever one goes job-hunting online anymore there is very few postings that will actually give you a physical address to go down to and submit your resume. I'm tired of employers thinking that could save time by running email scanner bugs and search out certain words in a resume and in those words they will find the perfect person. If that was true then there would be more dictionaries in the work force. In all seriousness though I thought to try to apply online and it took me more than two hours to perform a simple application! These websites are not built for people that are stuck on dial-up and I think that the bandwidth or whatever it is called for the internet in general is going to suffer as a result. To put this into perspective; when the internet was new the pages were simple and essentially not nice to look at. Then came simple graphics that were quick to load... Then came the real killer, the websites that one has to load a moving graphic that is in high quality to even enter the site. I really hate those, it takes me so long to access the site to see if it even relevant to what I'm looking for that I could've done so many more tasks in the meantime.

Oh well it all comes with change.


King Ashura said...

O_O Wow. People add you randomly on MSN? That's a bit scary, isn't it? Good thing you don't know anyone from real life. Be careful - there's a lot of nasty stuff out there. X__X

Unfortunately, I don't know of any RP chat sites...I wonder if dee-chan does; she really enjoys RP-ing. Hmmm...

But that aside, I absolutely agree with you about the online-job-hunting thing. UGH. >_> I've limited myself to only applying through U of Toronto's career website now. Much safer, and easy access to all the right pages.
Of course, the only problem there can't always find the job that you're looking for, lol; have to wait a bit for the right thing to be posted up there. *sigh*
Keep us updated on the job hunt. *fingers crossed* ^^

Kami Akai said...

Yeah it's a problem with MSN...And I know how to avoid most of the really scary stuff...But sometimes there's always the site that flashes random porn across the screen.

As for job-hunting,...I think I'll spork it. I'm not sure how the school career sites are for finding jobs...The one that I'm working with only has one job in it and it's not in any field that I'm trained for.