Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fine then stupid machinery!

Instead of bringing you something funny and entertaining, my camera feels like it should be a butt and not allow me to do so. Grrness on full alert!

So instead I will ramble on something completely different and really boring. I found my paperwork so I can finish with it a bit more and hopefully have the nastily worded thing ready for when my interview for bursaries happen. School is in only a few more months and I haven't found anything as an interm job. Hopefully one of the two libraries that I applied at will call me back for an interview for the summer job...Of course there is a possibility that they will not and I will be back looking in the newspaper for another position.

As for resumes and work I have been typing up and working on my application resume to send out for scholarships around the province. I must admit that it's looking quite bare. I was only a middle of the line student since my ambitions in high school were firmly smushed by a thoughtless councilor. I didn't do much volunteer due to the fact that I cannot afford the fuel to work for free. I wasn't good at sports, never applied myself to doing any real extra curricular activities and ever was given the role of leadership standing in my life. So in the end I have a really bare resume for the people that assume the role in looking at application resumes, while my work resume is quite full. I am a selfish person that way; I don't like doing things without making a profit at it. But of course I love money more than anyone or anything else in the world.

If I don't get a job I'm not too worried anyways...It just means that I will be stuck at home instead of moving out...But if cars keep dying around me then it will be a different story. Letsee... The bronco died because of a fuel problem...Should be getting that one back. The little blue car died because it overheated. Why it did that, goes into the vast line of WTFs. It has tons of antifreeze and oil and everything that a car needs to work, so probably the engine cratered and that's it for that. I miss my old car...I can fix most of what was wrong with it when it left me stranded...And mostly that is dead battery. So I'm in an old minivan that leaks fluids like there was a store full of the stuff. It's okay but during it's lifetime me and it had some major issues including ditching it, ripping the nose off of it, wrong size tires on it....Yes it had and has issues but beggars can't be choosers can they?


King Ashura said...

Your camera died, too? =/ I lost the battery charger thingy of our family camera. -_- Everyone's so mad at me right now..

As for the extracurricular stuff, I didn't do anything in high school either. Was always painfully shy. >_>

But hey, lots of luck! I really hope you can get a couple of scholarships; anything but loans. =/

Kami Akai said...

Yeah while it was loading onto my puter it's battery died and I had no motivation to get up and get another set. Too bad it had pics of my shelf of anime and mangas...