Saturday, June 10, 2006

About the military, cartoons and elevators..

Today is Saturday. Woot Saturday, at least it used to be. I remember back when I was young that I used to not sleep til noon on Saturdays, but get up and watch cartoons til 4. Where did those days go to? There is so many shows out now that there should be a whole bunch that the peasent vision channels should be able to afford some of the reruns that the cables get. I wouldn't mind watching even pokemon the first season as long as there is something better than the CBC kids, with their really really dumb shows. How dumb can they be? My sister thought the shows were stupid when she was three. I donno. Maybe they are pushing for people to buy the seasons of shows on DVD and the peasant TV channels goes to hell.

The millitary had a parade today. So they shut down our street as well as another couple, so the girls here thought, hey lets have a look at this, It should be good. Not. Basically the whole thing was a march with helicopter sapport. Big woop. I think it was an excuse for the military to march these kids somewhere else rather than on the base. But that might be me.

Elevators. Not long ago I had experienced what most people fear about elevators; getting stuck in them. Not the way I would like to spend a night. But here it is how we got into this situation, when we usually take esculators. We had someone in a wheelchair and the nearest esculators were shut down (Does those things ever work in WEM anymore?!?!!). I found out that yes, someone can ride an esculator up and down on a wheelchair. I knew that most didn't mind going up but never imagined going down. Course my cousin (who is wheelchair bound) has to ride elevators, never taking the esculator. So anyways, we went it's almost 1 am lets get outta here, just take the damned elevator! Pile in and then the thing stopped half-way down -_- we decided that Bennett would be the first one eatten. Hells it has only been a couple of hours since the last time we ate.
I like his friends, they are almost as messed up as my own. I say that in the nicest way possible. Please don't hurt me.
The thing started up again as soon as the maintence guy showed up and asked if we were messing around with the elevator. No. Okay if you get stuck again keep pressing the button down or up to the next level and it might get it to work.
To bad...Bennett would've tasted very good.

Song of the week...What's playing right now....No, I don't think so...wait...Animals by Nickelback.

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Avaelyn said...

Dude, you posted this twice... in case you didn't realize... might want to fix that.. :)

I remember when cartoons were good... *sigh* Those days are mostly gone... I would swear off TV cartoons forever if it weren't for Filmore and The Weekenders... And elevators are sweet... I've never been stuck in one, though... soo... I've only had good elevator experiences, so I'm good.