Monday, June 26, 2006

The Three Day Forecast: Sunny and 32 Degrees...Blarg

I am incredibly disappointed in myself...I haven't wrote a blog in more than 2 weeks...*Slaps hands* well to tell truth I have been bbusy doing nothing to make even a simple note.

Well had another "in-law-to-be" family get-together which had both Ben's mom and grandmom filling in phonebooks and updating phone numbers. Ben and I sat down and he kinda visited while I finished writing my last chapter and Ben went, "We'll need to sit down and copy down the numbers and addresses."
Mom: "What for?"
Ben: "To send out invitations in the future"
Mom: "..." *snort* "You don't need them."

1. In the FUTURE. Therefore not tomorrow.
2. Didn't say WHICH TYPE of invitations. We could in theory, buy a home and invite family to a house warming.
3. Dating for...What did Ben say again...umm...2 years, 4 months and 9 days. My parents are wondering what the hell is wrong with us, why aren't we married yet. Unfortunatly, Ben wants the big wedding, but the big wedding is expensive. The only reason for the big wedding is because of HIS big family. I'm not really expecting either family to contribute much or anything. *Grumbles*
4. WHAT THE HELL IS HER FUCKING PROBLEM? I try to be nice, I try to be supportive, and I try to promote her idealism, even saying that the day was great even though it was a piece of shit.

I am sick and tired of people. I have a customer who will not deal with me because I chew on my lower lip and have red hair. So what! It's natural and the other is a habit, I can think of many other habits that are far worse.

I had a showing of a house the other day to some nice people who had come over from another country but have been renting for a while. End of story I gotta learn to slow down and stay calm. Sorry for teasing you all for such a crappy statement about the day showing but it's my policy that it stays mostly under my hat. I must say that it is kinda funny how some people think. They almost thought that the houses up for sale were empty, and almost that homes were built at different times in an area. If one house was ten years too old the house across the street is going to be ten years too old. Or at least nine years too old.

Being general for a moment, people don't realize that it's nuts out there in the housing market. We went and talked to builders (new) and in Edmonton they DO NOT build for less that $300 000. The only spec house was $315 000 for one builder. They are nice homes I got to admit. I figure that resell homes should be as average, kicking range of new. Maybe in a bit I will change my out look on how prices are but that is the only references I have right at the moment. I must state once again, this market is stupid nuts now.

If you haven't read the title read it again. The hot weather is making my brain into mush. Dad is going to let me refill the air conditioning in the catty so Yay!

Anyways song of the week: Animal I have Become: 3 days grace.

For those who wonder why I do the song of the week, is so that I can remember to look for that song/disk/artist and this seems to be a more permanant way to do so.

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Avaelyn said...

I don't know if there's anything you can ever do about his parents. Just have to learn to deal with it I guess. Just like I have to deal with Kyle's crazy mother. *sigh*